Another Day Of Life

Released: February 18, 2020 • Available in US & Canada
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"A visually striking piece of rare immediacy and power" – Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter

An official Cannes selection and winner of festival prizes and awards worldwide, Another Day of Life is a daringly ambitious dive into the chaos of war, based on the book by bestselling journalist Ryszard "Ricardo" Kapuściński, one of the world's most compelling chroniclers of conflict. In 1975, a bloody civil war breaks outacross Angola after the country declares independence from Portugal. Against all advice, Kapuściński drives south into the heart of the conflict to find the isolated rebel leader Farrusco. What he witnesses from the frontlines challenges his ability to remain an impartial observer, in this acclaimed and unique blend of action-packed animation and documentary testimony.

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  • The Making Of Another Day Of Life
  • Creating The Animated Characters
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Product Information

Another Day of Life

Miroslaw Haniszewski Ryszard Kapuscinski
Vergil J. Smith Queiroz
Tomasz Zietek Farrusco
Olga Boladz Carlota
Rafal Fudalej Friedkin
Pawel Paczesny Portuguese soldier
Jakub Kamienski Luis Alberto
Kerry Shale Ryszard Kapuscinski
Daniel Flynn Queiroz
Youssef Kerkour Farrusco
Raúl de la Fuente Director
Damian Nenow Director
Raúl de la Fuente Screenplay
Amaia Remirez Screenplay
Niall Johnson Screenplay
David Weber Screenplay
Damian Nenow Screenplay
Ryszard Kapuscinski Book
Frantisek Ambrus Co-producer
Raúl de la Fuente Co-executive Producer
Eric Goossens Co-producer
Katarzyna Jarzyna Line Producer
Nadia Khamlichi Co-executive Producer
Uwe Kolbe Co-executive Producer
Gergely Kutenics Associate Producer
Adrian Politowski Co-executive Producer
Jörn Radel Co-producer
Amaia Remirez Producer
Anton Roebben Co-producer
Jaroslaw Sawko Producer
Jaroslaw Sawko Producer
Stefan Schubert Co-producer
Piotr Sikora Co-executive Producer
Sunita Struck Associate Producer
Krzysztof Szulc Associate Producer
Thomas Tielsch Associate Producer
Bjoern Vosgerau Co-executive Producer
Gilles Waterkeyn Co-executive Producer
Ole Wendorff-Østergaard Delegate Producer
Joanna Zielinska Associate Producer
Itziar García Zubiri Real Image Shooting Line Producer

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