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America's Railroads: The Steam Train Legacy

Released: December 1, 2009 • Available in US & Canada
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If you like trains, you'll love this diverse and fascinating collection of railroading films.

These fun and fact-filled documentaries span the history and development of the railroad industry, from the building of the first trans-continental line to the height of steam engine operations during World War II and the eventual triumph of diesel of over steam.

Relive the thrill of riding the rails across the ever-changing American landscape and experience the challenges, the romance and the day-to-day operations of America's greatest railroads. Take a nostalgic look back at a classic way of life as we introduce you to the people and machines that built the great American Railroad.

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Operation Fast Freight

Thomas W. Willard Director
Frank Beckwith Writer

Power Behind The Nation

Crane Wilbur Director
Art Gilmore Actor
Saul Elkins Writer

Railroad Man

Yasuo Furuhata Director
Ken Takakura Actor
Ryôko Hirosue Actor
Shinobu Ôtake Actor
Jirô Asada Writer
Yoshiki Iwama Writer
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