Alligator [Collector's Edition]

Released: February 22, 2022 • Available in US & Canada
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Scream Factory
Product Note: The limited edition poster has SOLD OUT as of January 28, 2022.



From director Lewis Teague (Cujo) and screenwriter John Sayles (The Howling) comes an unstoppable thriller with bite. A family returning from Florida decides their pet baby alligator is too much to handle and flushes him down the toilet. Meanwhile, Slade Laboratories is conducting secret experiments with animals and disposing of them in the sewer. The alligator, fending for itself, begins to feed on the dead animals, and grows. Now, twelve years later, after several mysterious murders, David Madison (Robert Forster, Jackie Brown) is on the case to find out who ... or what ... is killing people.

Contains a reversible art wrap featuring the original theatrical poster artwork.

Why We Love It

“…the magic makers at Scream Factory have given new life to the film with a brand new, luxurious 4K transfer with Dolby Vision that looks amazing…Highly Recommended.” – Bryan Kluger, High Def Digest

“Scream Factory does a bang up job with the encode. Extras INCREDIBLE, making this a must get for fans of the film as it adds all 3 up together for a fantastic package. Great video, good audio, and perfect extras. A hilariously campy film, it most certainly deserves checking out, and a must buy for fans of the film.” – Michael Scott, AV Nirvana

“…one of the best releases of the year thus far”  – Dillon Gonzales, Geek Vibes Nation

“leave it to Scream Factory to take a fan favorite - my son used to rent it on VHS - and give it the treatment that every fan might only dream about.” – Robert Harris, Home Theater Forum

“Astonishing. After sitting on DVD for years, Alligator makes the jump directly to 4K and the result is absurdly perfect. Joining Blue Underground’s ranks in resurrecting schlock horror, Scream Factory delivers the most pristine image possible. Flawless grain replication rates among the best on this format, resolving the 35mm stock to produce a totally transparent transfer. Dirt and damage disappear. Alligator looks new.” – Matt Paprocki, Do Blu

“Its been a long wait for Alligator on Blu-ray let alone a 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray release, but its been fully made worth it. The film is a fun bit of horror, action and camp to the highest degree. Scream Factory’s transfer is pretty excellent and it comes packed with the most ideal set of extras that really leave not much left to ponder after getting through them. This is a fun release and comes off as an obvious labor of love by those who both worked on the film itself and those who worked on this home video release.” – Brandon Peters, Why So Blu

Bonus Features

DISC ONE (4K UHD – Theatrical Version):

  • NEW 4K Scan From The Original Camera Negative
  • Audio Commentary With Director Lewis Teague And Actor Robert Forster

DISC TWO (BLU-RAY – Theatrical Version):

  • NEW 4K Scan From The Original Camera Negative
  • NEW Everybody In The Pool – An Interview With Actress Robin Riker
  • NEW Wild In The Streets – An Interview With Director Lewis Teague
  • NEW It Walks Among Us – An Interview With Screenwriter John Sayles
  • NEW Luck Of The Gator – An Interview With Special Makeup Effects Artist Robert Short
  • NEW Gator Guts, The Great River, And Bob – An Interview With Production Assistant, Now Famous Actor/Director/Producer, Bryan Cranston
  • Audio Commentary With Director Lewis Teague And Actor Robert Forster
  • Alligator Author – An Interview With Screenwriter John Sayles
  • Additional Scenes From The TV Version
  • Teaser Trailer (NEW 2K Scan)
  • Theatrical Trailer (NEW 2K Scan)
  • Trailers From Hell – Filmmaker Karyn Kusama (Jennifer’s Body) On ALLIGATOR
  • TV Spots (NEW 2K Scan)
  • ALLIGATOR Game Television Commercial
  • NEW Newspaper Ad Still Gallery By Drive-In Asylum
  • Still Gallery (Movie Stills, Movie Posters, Lobby Cards, And Behind-The-Scenes Photos)

DISC THREE (BLU-RAY – Television Version)

  • The Extended TV Version In HD For The First Time (NEW 4K Scan From The Original Camera Negative With Additional Footage Scanned From An Internegative)

Product Information


Robert Forster David
Robin Riker Marisa
Michael V. Gazzo Chief Clark
Dean Jagger Slade
Sydney Lassick Gutchel
Jack Carter Mayor
Perry Lang Kelly
Henry Silva Brock
Bart Braverman Kemp
John Lisbon Wood Mad Bomber
Lewis Teague Director
John Sayles Writer
John Sayles Writer
Frank Ray Perilli Writer
Robert S. Bremson Producer
Brandon Chase Producer
Tom Jacobson Producer
Mark L. Rosen Producer

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