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Alien Opponent

Released: April 3, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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See the ultraviolent version of the hit Chiller® film in all its uncut glory!

When a spacecraft crash-lands onto her barn, the owner of a small-town junkyard offers a cash reward to anyone who can kill her uninvited, space-suited alien guest. Every wacko within 100 miles turns out to kill the alien and claim the $100,000 reward — but it doesn’t take long for the junkyard to be transformed into a war zone of man vs. man vs. machine vs. alien. Starring Jeremy London (Mallrats), wrestling legend Roddy Piper (They Live), Cuyle Carvin (Assault Of The Sasquatch) and Adrienne LaValley.

Product Information

Alien Opponent

Andrew Gernhard Producer
Angela Relucio Actor
Colin Theys Director
Cuyle Carvin Actor
Hilma Falkowski Actor
Jeremy London Actor
John Doolan Writer
M. Sridharan Producer
Roddy Piper Actor
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