Above And Beyond

Released: January 1, 2008 • Available in US & Canada
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Above and Beyond is a moving epic of courage, triumph, heroism and love against all odds.

London, 1940. The war is taking its toll. Now, France has fallen swiftly to the enemy, resulting in a disaster of immense proportions. As virtually all of Western Europe is conquered, England braces itself for an inevitable invasion by German troops. The only hope to defy Hitler is the Royal Air Force. But as German U-boats destroy the shipments of aircraft as quickly as the US factories supply them, the Allies are desperate for new fighter planes. The Minister of Aircraft Production in Winston Churchill's wartime government, has a bold proposal: engage the new planes using Newfoundland, the most easterly province of Canada, as its base. The Military is cynical about the proposition, as few planes have ever made it across the Atlantic-and not one has ever survived the course in winter.

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Above And Beyond

Allan Hawco Actor
Jason Priestley Actor
John W. Doyle Writer
Jonathan Scarfe Actor
Joss Ackland Actor
Justin Bodle Producer
Kenneth Welsh Actor
Liane Balaban Actor
Lisa Porter Writer
Paul Pope Producer
Richard E. Grant Actor
Scott Garvie Producer
Sturla Gunnarsson Director
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