50th Anniversary Celebration!

Released: December 3, 2019 • Available in US & Canada
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Sesame Street


C is for Celebrate!

Join host Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the residents of Sesame Street—human and monsters alike—to celebrate 50 years of learning, laughter, and love.

Familiar felt faces like Roosevelt Franklin, Don Music, Sherlock Hemlock, and Kermit the Frog join celebrity guests Norah Jones, Nile Rodgers, Sterling K. Brown, Meghan Trainor, Patti LaBelle, and Elvis Costello in this heartwarming special.

Bonus Features

  • Elmo's World: Celebration
  • 50 Years In 50 Seconds

Product Information

Sesame Street

Jim Henson Ernie
Frank Oz Bert
Caroll Spinney Big Bird
Jerry Nelson Two-Headed Monster
Martin P. Robinson Telly Monster
Kevin Clash Elmo
Sonia Manzano Maria
Bob McGrath Bob
Roscoe Orman Gordon
Emilio Delgado Luis
Jon Stone Director
Lisa Simon Director
Emily Squires Director
Ted May Director
Ken Diego Director
Kevin Clash Director
Victor DiNapoli Director
Jim Martin Director
Moses Edinborough Director
Joey Mazzarino Director
Steve Feldman Director
John Korty Director
Dean Gordon Director
Tom Guadarrama Director
Robert Myhrum Director
John Ferraro Director
Nadine Zylstra Director
David Heeley Director
Benjamin Lehmann Director
Paige Morrow Kimball Director
Blake West Director
Christopher Heary Director
Matt Vogel Director
Jim Henson Director
Josh Smooha Director
Scott Preston Director
Neil Smith Director
Susan Dansby Director
John Dilworth Director
Regge Life Director
Joost van Rees Director
Jimmy Baylor Director
Bob Schwarz Director
Ozzie Alfonso Director
Richard Hunt Director
Craig Bartlett Director
Mustapha Khan Director
Roger Castellano Director
Steven Feldman Director
Adam Matalon Director
Brett Jubinville Director
Philip Eddolls Director
Lourds Lane Director
Emily Cohen Director
Alan Muraoka Director
Jeff McCarty Director
Christopher Redmond Director
David Axlerod Writer
Joseph A. Bailey Writer
Gary Belkin Writer
Lou Berger Writer
Molly Boylan Writer
Jessica Honor Carleton Writer
Christopher Cerf Writer
Christian Clark Writer
Sara Compton Writer
Joan Ganz Cooney Writer
Tony De Sena Writer
John Dilworth Writer
Tom Dunsmuir Writer
Sarah Durkee Writer
Annie Evans Writer
Joe Fallon Writer
Christine Ferraro Writer
Judy Freudberg Writer
Tony Geiss Writer
John Glines Writer
Ryan Greaves Writer
Bruce Hart Writer
Carole Hart Writer
Christopher Heary Writer
Jim Henson Writer
George Herriman Writer
Ian Ellis James Writer
Jerry Juhl Writer
Emily Perl Kingsley Writer
David Korr Writer
Camille LaBry West Writer
Lourds Lane Writer
Raye Lankford Writer
Benjamin Lehmann Writer
Sharon Lerner Writer
Steve Lookner Writer
Bud Luckey Writer
Sonia Manzano Writer
Dorothy Marino Writer
Adam Matalon Writer
Joey Mazzarino Writer
Michael C. McCarthy Writer
Kristen McGregor Writer
J. Milligan Writer
Andrew Moriarty Writer
Jeff Moss Writer
Thad Mumford Writer
Phillip Namanworth Writer
Robert M. Oksner Writer
Carol-Lynn Parente Writer
Mark Purdy Writer
Christopher Redmond Writer
Matt Robinson Writer
Adam Rudman Writer
Mark Saltzman Writer
Nancy Sans Writer
Luis Santeiro Writer
Angela Santomero Writer
Ken Scarborough Writer
Josh Selig Writer
Lisa Simon Writer
Ray Sipherd Writer
Josh Smooha Writer
Jocelyn Stevenson Writer
Norman Stiles Writer
Jon Stone Writer
Peter Swet Writer
James Taylor Writer
Cathi Turow Writer
Mort Walker Writer
Belinda Ward Writer
John Weidman Writer
Dan Wilcox Writer
Mo Willems Writer
Paul D. Zimmerman Writer
Dulcy Singer Executive Producer
Dulcy Singer Producer
Dulcy Singer Associate Producer
Lisa Simon Producer
Lisa Simon Supervising Producer
Lisa Simon Associate Producer
Benjamin Lehmann Producer
Benjamin Lehmann Associate Producer
Benjamin Lehmann Executive Producer
Benjamin Lehmann Supervising Producer
Benjamin Lehmann Senior Producer
Jon Stone Executive Producer
Jon Stone Producer
Arlene Sherman Coordinating Producer
Arlene Sherman Producer
Arlene Sherman Associate Producer
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Arlene Sherman Co-executive Producer
Andrew Moriarty Associate Producer
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Tim Carter Co-producer
Tim Carter Producer
Tim Carter Associate Producer
Tim Carter Senior Producer
Adina Pliskin Segment Producer
Adina Pliskin Associate Producer
Carol Mayes Associate Producer
Yvonne Hill-Ogunkoya Line Producer
Teri Weiss Associate Producer
Teri Weiss Co-producer
Kevin Clash Co-executive Producer: Elmo's World
Kevin Clash Co-executive Producer
Kevin Clash Executive Producer
Angela Santomero Associate Producer
Angela Santomero Producer
Angela Santomero Co-executive Producer
Ray Blake Associate Producer
Jenny Gioia Senior Producer
Todd Slepian Senior Interactive Producer
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Diane Huber Segment Producer
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Nathan Hale Williams Segment Producer: Segment "Elmo's Wonderful World: Theater"
Travis Winfrey Segment Producer
Omid Zader Segment Producer

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