40 Years Of Sunny Days

Released: January 5, 2010 • Available in US & Canada
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Sesame Street


Relive your favorite Sesame Street moments with this one of a kind Sesame Street Collection! Everyone remembers the familiar words to the Sesame Street theme song, and the even more familiar tune, but how much do you really know about the world's most famous street? When did Elmo first begin speaking in that world-famous falsetto? Can you name the musician that sang Slimey into space? Which Muppet was most distraught by Mr. Hooper's passing? Who is the voice behind Abby Cadabby? Can you guess which clip was voted the fan favorite in an online poll?

Find the answers and much, much more packed into this special anniversary DVD set, which includes clips from all 40 seasons, interviews with cast and crew, including Jim Henson, as well as amazing behind-the-scenes peeks at how Muppet magic is created.

Bonus Features

  • Over 4 1/2 Hours Of The Best Sesame Street Memories On 2 Jam-Packed DVDs
  • Over 50 Minutes Of Ultra-Rare, Never-Before-Seen Backstage Footage, Interviews, And Surprises
  • Pop-Up Facts Covering The Entire History Of The Show
  • Segments From All 40 Seasons
  • Limited-Edition 24-Page Hardcover Book
  • Sneak Peek At All-New CG Animated Segment Abby's Flying Fairy School

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