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“The form of comedy between these two men opened up a whole new kind of storytelling in humor.” – Bill Cosby

Newly remastered for the 50th anniversary of the birth of The 2000 Year Old Man, The 2000 Year Old Man: The Complete History is a 3-CD / 1-DVD box set containing all five comedy albums released by Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, including The 2000 Year Old Man In The Year 2000, for which they received a Grammy® Award in 1998. The other albums included are 2000 Years With Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks, 2000 And One Years With Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks At The Cannes Film Festival, and 2000 And Thirteen.

The DVD features a brand-new exclusive interview with Reiner and Brooks discussing the history of the routine. It also contains the 1975 animated 2000 Year Old Man TV special, and vintage clips of the two appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show and The New Steve Allen Show.

Track Listing:

Disc One – CD
2000 Years With Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks and 2000 And One Years With Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks

1. 2000 Year Old Man
2. Fabiola
3. The Astronaught
4. In A Coffee House
a. The Depressed One
b. The Actor
c. The Painter
d. The Folksinger
5. The Peruvian
6. The Psychiatrist
7. 2000 And Six Month Man
8. The Tax Expert
9. Two Hour Old Baby
10. The New Technique Psychiatric Society
11. The Third Best Poet

Disc Two – CD
Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks At The Cannes Film Festival and 2000 And Thirteen
1. The Cannes Film Festival
a. Adolph Hartler
b. Frederico Fettucini
c. Tippy Skittles
2. Dr. Felix Wheird
3. 2000 And Two Year Old Man
4. The L.M.N.O.P. Ad Agency
5. Intro
6. Will To Live
7. Slow Growth
8. Natural Foods
9. Phil
10. Asparagus
11. Origin Of Words
12. Great Inventions
13. Strawberries
14. Miracle Fruits
15. The Greatest Invention
16. Ancient Poetry
17. The Fig Leaf
18. Paul Revere
19. Ma And Pa
20. Jesus And The Apostles
21. Generals
22. Winston Churchill
23. War Of The Roses
24. Dolly Madison
25. Lord Byron
26. 21,000 Doctors
27. Jolson
28. America’s Economic Plight
29. Hope For Mankind

Disc Three – CD
The 2000 Year Old Man In The Year 2000
1. A Re-Pleasure To See You
2. See Moses Run
3. Diseases And The Plagues
4. Pain
5. Wives And Famous Women
6. Parents
7. First Place You Ever Lived
8. Yarmulkes Galore And The Inquisition
9. Computer Sex And Self Help
10. Exercise And Infomercial
11. Music
12. Height And Plastic Surgery
13. Seven Wonders Of The World
14. Famous People
15. Pet Peeves And Words Of Wisdom

Ballantine Beer Radio Spots:
• Dick Cavett Interviews The 2500 Year Old Brewmaster

Disc Four – DVD
2000 Year Old Man TV Appearances:
• The Ed Sullivan Show (February 12, 1961)
• The New Steve Allen Show (October 18, 1961)

The 2000 Year Old Man (Animated TV Special – 1975)

Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks Discuss the 2000 Year Old Man (August 5, 2009)

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