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Majordomo Records is proud to launch the first-ever reissue program of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's key albums. Following on their first-ever best-of, Dirty Shirt Rock N' Roll: The First Ten Years, come newly remastered versions of their classic albums will follow throughout 2010, complete with rare and unreleased bonus tracks, new liner notes and photos.

Year One is a 38-track compilation covering JSBX's earliest recorded output, recorded in 1991 by Steve Albini and Kramer: the bootleg-LP-only A Reverse Willie Horton, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (aka The Caroline Album), the Germanonly Crypt Style, and the History of Sex EP (Clawfist Records). The result is the most complete look at JSBX's raw inception ever released.

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Track Track Name
1 Twenty Nine
2 Typecast
3 Water Main
4 History Of Sex
5 Rachel
6 Chicken Walk
7 Big Headed Baby
8 Support A Man
9 Lovin' Up A Storm
10 Comeback
11 78 Style
12 Changed
13 White Tail
14 What To Do
15 40 lb Block Of Cheese
16 Write A Song
17 I. E. V.
18 Exploder
19 What To Do (Albini)
20 Eye To Eye
21 Eliza Jane
22 Maynard Ave
23 The Feeling Of Love
24 Vacuum Of Loneliness
25 Intro A
26 Biological
27 Water Main (Albini)
28 Mo' Chicken - Let's Get Funky
29 Like A Hawk
30 Kill A Man
31 Twenty Nine (Albini)
32 History Of Sex (Albini)
33 Shirt Jac
34 Latch On
35 Colty
36 Write A Song (Clawfist)
37 Smoke Cigarettes (Clawfist)
38 History Of Sex (Clawfist)
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