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In 1998, lead singer/guitarist Gordon Gano, bassist Brian Ritchie and drummer Guy Hoffman spent a week recording a series of concerts in Wisconsin for Viva Wisconsin, emerging with what has since become their ultimate "best of" collection. Originally released in 1999, the album includes every one of their most popular songs, including "Blister In The Sun," "Add It Up," "American Music" and "Gone Daddy Gone." A bonus track, "Outside The Palace," has been added to this release.

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Track Track Name
1 Prove My Love
2 I'm Nothing
3 Country Death Song
4 Blister In The Sun
5 Gimme The Car
6 Don't Talk About My Music (Shut Your Mouth)
7 Confessions
8 Hallowed Ground
9 Life Is An Adventure
10 Old Mother Reagan
11 Ugly
12 Good Feeling
13 Dahmer Is Dead
14 American Music
15 Soecuak
16 Sweet World Of Angels
17 Black Girls
18 Gone Daddy Gone
19 Add It Up
20 Kiss Off
21 Outside The Palace [Bonus Track]
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