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The Grammy-winning East L.A. band Los Lobos is releasing Tin Can Trust, their first collection of new original material in four years. Featuring powerful rock ’n’ roll, blistering blues, two Spanish-language tracks (a cumbia and a Norteña), and even a Grateful Dead cover, the album is classic Lobos through and through. And, like many of their albums, it is an album that speaks to the time and place in which it was conceived, dealing largely with the economic challenges many people are facing today.

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Track Track Name
1 Burn It Down
2 On Main Street
3 Yo Canto
4 Tin Can Trust
5 Jupiter Or The Moon
6 Do The Murray
7 All My Bridges Burning
8 West L.A. Fadeaway
9 The Lady And The Rose
10 Mujer Ingrata
11 27 Spanishes
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