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Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter and Old 97's frontman Rhett Miller's self-titled album - his first since 2006's The Believer - will take fans on an up-close-and-personal journey through love, loss and redemption, set to the kind of rollicking tunes for which he's known.

Rhett Miller was recorded in Dallas and produced by Salim Nourallah, who also produced the latest critically acclaimed Old 97's release, 2008's Blame It On Gravity. The album also features multi-instrumentalist and producer Jon Brion on guitar and bass, The Apples In Stereo's John Dufilho on drums and Billy Harvey on guitar.

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Track Track Name
1 Nobody Says I Love You Anymore
2 Like Love
3 Caroline
4 I Need To Know Where I Stand
5 Happy Birthday Don't Die
6 Bonfire
7 Haphazardly
8 If It's Not Love
9 Another Girlfriend
10 Refusing Temptation
11 Lashes
12 Sometimes
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