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The 1996 album Now I Got Worry was recorded on the heels of the unexpected success of the Orange album. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion responded by delving even deeper into black American music, recording in Memphis and Mississippi, and working with guest artists R.L. Burnside, Rufus Thomas and Money Mark (Beastie Boys). Expanded with 12 b-sides and unreleased tracks and 4 radio spots.

Bonus Features

    • 16 bonus tracks

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Track Track Name
1 Skunk
2 Identify
3 Wail
4 Fuck Shit Up
5 2 Kindsa Love
6 Love All Of Me
7 Chicken Dog
8 Rocketship
9 Dynamite Lover
10 Hot Shot
11 Can't Stop
12 Firefly Child
13 Eyeballin
14 R. L. Got Soul
15 Get Over Here
16 Sticky
17 Cool Vee
18 Fish sauce
19 Yellow Eyes
20 Turn Up Greene
21 Buscemi
22 Get With It
23 Let's Smerf
24 Down Low
25 Chocolate Joe
26 Judah Love Theme
27 Dig My Shit
28 Roosevelt Hotel Blues
29 Radio Ad: Announcer #1
30 Radio Ad: Ernie Eddie
31 Radio Ad: Announcer #2
32 Radio Ad: Sez Me Street
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