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The music of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass was as much a part of the '60s as that of The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Motown. Whipped Cream & Other Delights was their biggest album of all, spending eight weeks at #1 on the Billboard charts and an incredible 141 weeks in the Top 40. It features the single "A Taste Of Honey" (which won three GRAMMY Awards) and the title track, which became famous as the theme song for The Dating Game. And then there's the eye-catching cover, which defined the era as much as the music on Whipped Cream did. It was a winning combination then, and it's still delightful today.

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Track Track Name
1 A Taste Of Honey
2 Green Peppers
3 Tangerine
4 Bittersweet Samba
5 Lemon Tree
6 Whipped Cream
7 Love Potion #9
8 El Garbanzo
9 Ladyfingers
10 Butterball
11 Peanuts
12 Lollipops And Roses
13 Rosemary [Bonus Track]
14 Blueberry Park [Bonus Track]
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