“A masterpiece … the equal of the best of the Tijuana Brass albums.” –All Music Guide

After a meteoric rise to fame as the leader of the Tijuana Brass, one of the most successful groups of the ’60s, Herb Alpert focused on running A&M Records, the indie powerhouse he had founded with partner Jerry Moss.

His second artistic journey began with the release of “Rise,” which climbed to number one on the Billboard chart. His acclaimed 1982 album, Fandango, found Alpert returning to Mexican and Latin American sounds and rhythms, but with a modern sound. The result was one of the most acclaimed albums of his career, remaining on the Billboard Top Albums chart for half a year, and featuring the Top 40 hit “Route 101.”

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Track Track Name
1 Fandango
2 Margarita
3 Push And Pull
4 California Blues
5 Quiereme Tal Como Soy (Love Me The Way I Am)
6 Route 101
7 Coco Loco (La Guajira)
8 Aria
9 Angel
10 Sugarloaf
11 Latin Medley (Frenesi, Bahia, Moliendo Cafe, Porompompero)
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