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This was the album that finally lived up to the promise of a future that was foretold on Keiko Matsui's debut album, A Drop Of Water.

1993's Cherry Blossom, her fifth album, reveals what an amazing musical talent she is, combining distinct and unique musical styles. Many of the tracks are up tempo, with string arrangements, and engaging solos. As an added bonus an extra unreleased track, "Crescent Night Dreams" was added.

Cherry Blossom features world class musicians including Gerald Albright on the smooth jazz classic "Walking on the Bridge", Sam Riney on saxophone, the masterful guitar runs of Jorge Strunz, Arnold McCuller's very soulful turns and Clay Jenkins signature trumpet high notes.

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Track Track Name
1 Rainy Season
2 Sail South
3 Walking On The Bridge
4 Crescendo
5 She Prays to The Wind
6 Cherry Blossom
7 Frontier
8 Foot Steps
9 Dawn Opener
10 Crescent Night Dreams [Bonus Track]

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