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Witness the making of a legend …an icon ...Bruce Lee!

This box set includes four of the films that would make Bruce Lee one of the most important martial artists ever to grace the screen. The set includes The Big Boss, Fist Of Fury, The Way Of The Dragon and Game Of Death.

Also included are two documentaries, Bruce Lee: The Legend (and the original version Bruce Lee: The Man, The Legend) and I Am Bruce Lee, plus a bonus disc with over two hours of bonus content exclusive to this set.

Get ready to witness the legend of the dragon.

Why We Love It

“An all-in-one Bruce Lee experience…if you’re a Bruce Lee fan, or want to know where to start, there’s kind of no better place than this.” – Nerdist

“The first ever Blu-ray versions of The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon and Game of Death. If that isn't reason enough to pick up the collection, there's a bonus disc with hours of new content exclusive to the set, plus 68 pages of archival materials and never-before-released photos.” – Rick Bentley, McClatchy-Tribune

Bonus Features

    • Audio Commentaries on all four films by Hong Kong Film Expert Mike Leeder
    • Return to Pak Chong: The Big Boss Revisited
    • Bruce Lee: The Early Years featurette
    • New interviews with Robert Chua, Gene LeBell, Jon Benn, Bob Wall, Dan Inosanto and many more!
    • Interviews with Sammo Hung, Simon Yam, Yuen Wah and Wong Jing
    • Remembering Fist of Fury featurette
    • Bruce Lee Martial Arts Master featurette
    • Game of Death: Then & Now - Return to the locations of Game of Death
    • Game of Death Memories featurette
    • Extensive Still Galleries on all four films, including rare stills, movie posters, etc.
    • Theatrical Trailers and TV spots
    • Alternate title sequences
    • Game of Death outtake montage
    • Game of Death revisited
    • And much more!

Product Note

This version of the Bruce Lee Legacy Collection contains the following differences from the one originally produced but withdrawn before street date:

Correct pairing of disc label art and media for discs 10 and 11, which had inadvertently been swapped on the original release.

New Blu-rays for The Big Boss, Fist Of Fury, Way Of The Dragon. Contrary to speculation circulating on the Internet, the original set did contain hi-def masters of the first three feature films. However, after comments from fans who had received early copies of our set, Shout Factory discovered that our sources were not the recently restored transfers used for the Blu-rays in Hong Kong and Japan, but rather the original masters done a few years ago in Canada. Shout Factory therefore acquired the improved masters (the master for Game of Death was not appreciably different), and have included them on this new set, for a truly definitive Bruce Lee collection.

Product Information




12 hrs

Aspect Ratio ?





English, Cantonese, Mandarin





Production Date Closed-Caption




Bruce Lee, The Legend

Director Leonard Ho
Actor Bruce Lee
Actor Jackie Chan
Actor James B. Nicholson
Actor Linda Lee Cadwell
Actor Raymond Chow
Producer Leonard Ho

Bruce Lee, The Man & The Legend

Director Shih Wu
Actor Mei Wang
Actor Linda Lee Cadwell
Actor Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
Actor Bruce Lee
Actor Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Producer Andre Morgan

I Am Bruce Lee

Director Pete McCormack
Actor Paul Bowman
Actor Richard Bustillo
Actor Daniele Bolelli
Producer Derik Murray

Fist Of Fury

Director Lo Wei
Actor Bruce Lee
Actor James Tien
Actor Maria Yi
Actor Nora Miao
Actor Robert Baker
Producer Raymond Chow

The Way Of The Dragon

Director Bruce Lee
Actor Chuck Norris
Actor Nora Miao
Actor Robert Wall
Actor Wang Chung Hsin
Actor Wei Ping Ao
Actor Whang Ing Sik
Actor Bruce Lee
Producer Bruce Lee
Producer Raymond Chow

The Big Boss

Director Chia-hsiang Wu
Director Lo Wei
Actor Nora Miao
Actor Ying-Chieh Han
Actor Bruce Lee
Actor James Tien
Actor Maria Yi
Actor Marilyn Bautista
Producer Raymond Chow

Game Of Death

Director Robert Clouse
Actor Gig Young
Actor Bruce Lee
Actor Colleen Camp
Actor Danny Inosanto
Actor Dean Jagger
Actor Chuck Norris
Actor Hugh O'Brian
Actor Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Actor Mel Novak
Actor Robert Wall
Actor Roy Chiao
Producer Raymond Chow
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