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Your Weekly Shout Out! - New and Improved

By on 05.05.14

Over the past year, we've brought you a weekly update of all things Shout! Factory through our original web series, Your Weekly Shout Out!. Hosted by our very own Brian Ward, each episode features a breakdown of new DVD and Blu-ray releases, plus special segments that gave you a glimpse at special bonus features and behind-the-scenes interviews. We've had a lot of fun and a fair share of laughs over the past year, but we decided to mark Your Weekly Shout Out!’s anniversary with a change. A big change. A change so momentous, it would catapult us into territory that no web series had ever dared cover before! OK, that might be a bit dramatic…But our web show did just get a whole lot better!

So it's with great excitement that we announce a brand new, super-slick, polished-to-a-glistening-sheen Your Weekly Shout Out!. It features new correspondents, co-hosts and guest stars, segments that dive deeper into the things fans care about most, and production values that would bring a tear to Michael Bay's eye. No, seriously. We heard that Michael Bay saw the Transformers segment in this week's episode and he was so jealous of our formidable special effects that he started crying! He's just a big softy at heart, as it turns out.

Your Weekly Shout Out! host Brian Ward, on the other hand, is nothing short of a warrior. Watch in this episode as he plunges into the dangers of a 1960s classroom, goes head-to-head in a battle of wits with his own stage manager, and screams very un-little-girl-like in a showdown with certain shape-shifting robots!

Be sure to subscribe to the Shout! Factory YouTube channel to catch every episode of the new generation of Your Weekly Shout Out!, and let us know what you think — and what you’d like to see — in the video comments!

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