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The Season Of Scream

By on 10.08.16

Our October is, as always, horrortastic with a cold slate of must-have releases. Pick up our first original slasher film, Fender Bender, this week and IFC Midnight’s What We Become on 10/18. And while you’re visiting the Shocktober sale, you’ll want to add these jam-packed 2-disc Collector’s Editions to your cart: John Carpenter’s classic The Thing (10/11), the 40th Anniversary of Brian De Palma’s Carrie (10/11), Tom Holland’s Child Play, which gave birth to the iconic killer doll “Chucky” (10/18) and William Peter Blatty’s devilish The Exorcist III (10/25), which feature a never-before-released “Director’s Cut.”

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