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New Releases: 6/17/14

By on 06.17.14


The Monkey's Paw

After Jake Tilton (C.J.Thomason, Sutures) acquires a mystical "monkey's paw" talisman that grants its possessor three wishes, he finds his world turned upside-down after his first two wishes result in his malevolent coworker, Tony Cobb (Stephen Lang, Avatar), being resurrected from the dead. When Cobb pressures Jake into using the final wish to reunite Cobb with his son, his intimidation quickly escalates into relentless murder – forcing Jake to outwit his psychotic friend and save his remaining loved ones.

Also starring Corbin Bleu (High School Musical, Nurse 3D), Charles S. Dutton (Legion), Michelle Pierce (NCIS) and Daniel Hugh Kelley (Cujo), The Monkey’s Paw is adapted from the renowned short story by W.W. Jacobs, and picks up where the short story left off.

The Angela Mao Ying Collection

Get ready for six action-packed martial-arts films featuring martial-arts sensation Angela Mao Ying, the Queen of kung fu (Hapkido, Lady Whirlwind, Enter The Dragon).

Also starring George Lazenby (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), Bolo Yueng (Enter The Dragon), Jimmy Wang Yu (The One-Armed Swordsman), Sammo Hung Kam-Bo (Project A, Kill Zone), Yuen Biao (Tai Chi Hero, Wheels On Meals) and Carter Huang (Big Trouble In Little China), The Angela Mao Ying Collection is a martial-arts treasure trove for any fan of the genre.

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