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John Carpenter Birthday Sale

By on 01.12.17

To celebrate the birthday of one of horror's most iconic figures (and the long weekend), we're putting our John Carpenter catalog on sale through the 16th! See prices below.

And if you'd like to beef up your collection with non-John Carpenter titles, the rest of the site* is on sale as well:

$50+ orders get 10% off and FREE U.S. shipping**

$100+ orders get 15% off and FREE U.S. shipping**

$250+ orders get 20% off and FREE U.S. shipping**

(These discounts apply to products not already on sale in the list below*)

Product images modal thingcover72dpi 7b534730a2 a738 46a2 b8f2 a7d5ea0950b4 7d

The Thing [Collector's Edition]

$34.93 $22.99

Product images modal efnybrcover72dpi 7b81196ebd f595 e411 9d31 d4ae527c3b65 7d

Escape From New York [Collector's Edition]

$29.93 $14.99

Product images modal 826663136586

They Live [Collector's Edition]

$29.93 $17.99

Product images modal 826663143003

Prince Of Darkness [Collector's Edition]

$29.93 $17.99

Product images modal 826663141726

The Fog [Collector's Edition]

$29.93 $14.99

Product images modal ap13brcover72dpi 7b3d29fc8a 9513 e411 ba69 d4ae527c3b65 7d

Assault On Precinct 13 [Collector's Edition]

$26.99 $17.99

Product images modal 826663144390

Body Bags [Collector's Edition]

$29.93 $17.99

Product images modal votdcover72dpi 7b34c886b2 bba5 4c9a 96dc 0edd8d088424 7d

Village Of The Damned [Collector's Edition]

$34.93 $19.99

Product images modal elvisbrcover72dpi 7b7a803d24 24a4 4c7d b233 65e51b40b64f 7d


$27.99 $15.99


  • Sale begins 12:01 AM on 1/13/17 and ends at 11:59 PM on 1/16/17 (all times Pacific)
  • * The following titles are NOT eligible for this promotion: Up From The Depths, Time Walker, The Velvet Vampire, Message From Space (Blu-ray), all April pre-orders and the already-discounted John Carpenter catalog
  • ** Free standard shipping to U.S. only
  • Sale offer is not combinable with other offers, including Shout! Factory free shipping or dollars off coupon

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