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Bill Paxton in The Vagrant

New Releases

The Vagrant and Power Rangers Mystic Force (New Releases 5/23/17)

The Vagrant "A horror comedy that works. It's crazy, offbeat and funny." – Arrow in the Ambitious young executive Graham Krakowski (Bill Paxton, Aliens, Titanic) has p...

New Releases

Willard, Digimon, Streets of Fire and More New Releases (5/16/17)

Willard Where your nightmares end… WILLARD begins. "A twisted tale you won’t soon forget." — Tales Of Terror Willard Stiles (Bruce Davison, Insidious: Chapter 4) is a you...

New Releases

Serial Mom, Psycho, Chicago Cubs and More New Releases (5/9/17)

Serial Mom [Collector's Edition] Every woman wants to be wanted… just not for Murder One! Director John Waters (Pink Flamingos, Hairspray) brings his twisted cinematic vision...

Jamie Lee Curtis in Virus

New Releases

Virus, Beyond the Gates and The Naked Cage (New Releases 5/2/17)

Virus Jamie Lee Curtis faces a new, unstoppable terror in this sci-fi thriller from the producer of Aliens, Terminator 2, and Tremors. Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween, Scream Queens) p...

New Releases

Carranger, Man Of La Mancha and More New Releases (4/25/17)

Gekisou Sentai Carranger: The Complete Series Dappu, a young alien, is forced to leave his home planet after it is destroyed by a wild gang of thugs who terrorize planets before ultim...

New Releases

Tales From The Hood, Handmaid's Tale and More New Releases (4/18/17)

Tales From The Hood [Collector's Edition] Welcome to the 'hood of horrors! It's a place where your worst fears can come to life. A place where it's hard to tell nightmares from r...

John Stamos in Never Too Young to Die

New Releases

Never Too Young To Die and More New Releases (4/11/17)

Never Too Young To Die Listen up, my little turdballs! A once-in-a-lifetime cast rocks the silver screen in director Gil Bettman's masterpiece of cult cinema, Never Too Young T...

Invasion of the Bee Girls

New Releases

Bee Girls, Diff'rent Strokes and More New Releases (4/4/17)

Invasion Of The Bee Girls "Wonderfully campy and sexy sci-fi outing!" – Leonard Maltin "Invasion of the Bee Girls is the best schlock soft-core science fiction movie since The ...

New Releases

MST3K & What's The Matter With Helen (New Releases 3/28/17)

What's The Matter With Helen? "A creepy, delirious whirl of religious fervor [and] romantic obsession." – American Cinematheque Debbie Reynolds and Shelley Winters star in this st...

RoboCop 2

New Releases

RoboCop 2 & 3, Evolution and More New Releases (3/21/17)

RoboCop 2 [Collector's Edition] RoboCop returns to fight his toughest opponent yet: his replacement! RoboCop 2 pits two unstoppable cyborgs against each other in a battle to ...

Drew Barrymore in Firestarter

New Releases

Firestarter, Red Dawn and More New Releases (3/14/17)

Firestarter [Collector's Edition] She has the power to set objects afire with just one glance! Firestarter, based on the unforgettable best-seller by esteemed horror author St...

New Releases

Colors, Kikoriki and More New Releases (3/7/17)

Colors [Collector's Edition] In the 'hood, all that matters are your colors... Bob Hodges (Robert Duvall) is a seasoned street cop who has learned a lot from long experience while his...

Deadtime Stories

New Releases

Deadtime Stories (New Releases 2/28/17)

Deadtime Stories Official Entry At The 1986 Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival Recipient Of The Silver Certificate Of Achievement From The Academy Of Science Fiction, Fant...

Lea Seydoux in Beauty and the Beast

New Releases

Beauty and the Beast and More New Releases (2/21/17)

Beauty And The Beast A struggling merchant stumbles upon the magical domain of the fearsome Beast, who sentences him to death for stealing a rose. The merchant's youngest daughter Bell...

Christian Slater in King Cobra

New Releases

King Cobra, Littlest Pet Shop and The Bible Stories (New Releases 2/14/17)

King Cobra "Outstanding. Movies don't get much juicier, funnier, creepier, or smarter than King Cobra." – Dan Callahan, The Wrap "James Franco is at his brazen best. The actor give...


New Releases

Antibirth and My Little Pony (New Releases 2/7/17)

Antibirth "… one of the year's most original horror films." – Simon Abrams, Hard-drinking, pill-popping, bong-ripping Lou (Natasha Lyonne, Orange Is The New Black) ...

Poltergeist II

New Releases

Poltergeist and MST3K (New Releases 1/31/17)

Poltergeist II: The Other Side [Collector's Edition] "… there are some effective shocks, genuinely scary scenes and a truly creepy villain in Kane." – In this thrilling fo...

Long Way North

New Releases

Long Way North, Slumber Party Massacre & More New Releases (1/17/17)

Long Way North "Heartwarming and heartbreaking moments, handsome animation and a strong statement of girl power." – Mike Hale, The New York Times "A thrilling Arctic adventure." – Indie...

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

New Releases

Dead Of Winter and Miraculous (New Releases 1/10/17)

Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir: Be Miraculous A third volume of action adventure that will have you feeling Miraculous! The time is now. The city is Paris. And two amazing...

Black Christmas

New Releases

Black Christmas, Cubs World Series and More New Releases (12/14/16)

Black Christmas [Collector's Edition] "A Terrifying Genre Masterpiece." – Dave Alexander, Rue Morgue The college town of Bedford is receiving an unwelcome guest this Christmas. As th...

Chicago Cubs

New Releases

World Series Blu-ray, Bruce Lee and More New Releases (12/6/16)

2016 World Series Champions: Chicago Cubs All droughts end with rain. The cleansing washes away all of the curses and superstitions and improbable losses. The Chicago Cubs™ ended their drou...

The Rolling Stones

New Releases

T.A.M.I. / Big T.N.T. Show (New Releases 12/2/16)

T.A.M.I. Show / The Big T.N.T. Show [Collector's Edition] The energy and excitement of some of music's greatest grooves! The unmistakable sounds of a generation explode onto the screen w...

Willem Dafoe in To Live And Die In L.A.

New Releases

To Live And Die In L.A., MST3K and More New Releases (11/22/16)

To Live And Die In L.A. [Collector's Edition] "Searing Action, Nonstop Powerful… A Superbly Realized Film." – The Hollywood Reporter William Petersen (Manhunter) and Willem Dafoe (John...

Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers

New Releases

Dead Ringers, Death Of A Salesman and More New Releases (11/15/16)

Dead Ringers [Collector's Edition] "**** (Four Stars) An Instant Classic." – Mike Clark, USA TODAY "This is arguably David Cronenberg's masterpiece." – Combustible Celluloid Cla...

Bruce Campbell in Bubba Ho-Tep

New Releases

Bubba Ho-Tep, Snowtime & More New Releases (11/8/16)

Bubba Ho-Tep [Collector's Edition] "Bubba Ho-Tep is that rare cinematic combination of totally unique story and near-perfect execution." – Cheryl Eddy, Bruce Campbell (Army of ...

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree

New Releases

Equestria Girls, Shout Broadway and More New Releases (11/1/16)

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Legend Of Everfree What Could Be More Fun Than A Field Trip To Everypony’s Favorite Camp? When Canterlot High School goes on a field trip to Camp E...

The Exorcist III

New Releases

The Exorcist III & Transformers Rescue Bots (New Releases 10/25/16)

The Exorcist III [Collector's Edition] For more than fifteen years Police Lieutenant Kinderman (George C. Scott) has been haunted by the death of his friend Father Damien Karras. Now, o...

Child's Play

New Releases

Child's Play, Nighthawks and More New Releases (10/18/16)

Child's Play [Deluxe Limited Edition with Exclusive Action Figure] "A Jolting Roller-Coaster Ride!" – Los Angeles Times The "chills come thick and fast" (Los A...


New Releases

Carrie, The Thing and More New Releases (10/11/16)

Carrie [Collector's Edition] "An all-stops-out scare-show!" – Los Angeles Times Based on the best-selling Stephen King novel, this "absolutely spellbinding horror movie" (Roger Ebert)...

Fender Bender

New Releases

Fender Bender, When Calls The Heart and More New Releases (10/4/16)

Fender Bender THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS. He stalks the streets. Remorseless. Brutal. Bloodthirsty. When his prey is at its most vulnerable, he appears. And when night falls and all is q...

New Releases

Bill & Ted, Howard Lovecraft and More New Releases (9/27/16)

Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Collection [with Exclusive Limited Edition Action Figure] Wyld Stallyns couldn't drag you away from this MOST EXCELLENT COLLECTION! From the past to...

New Releases

Sacrifice and Fanny on Blu-ray (New Releases 9/20/16)

Sacrifice "… a modern day re-imagining of Robin Hardy's cult classic, The Wicker Man…" – the ink and Disturbing secrets lie buried in the bogs of a remote island in this spell...

The Transformers: The Movie

New Releases

Transformers, Raising Cain and More New Releases (9/13/16)

The Transformers: The Movie [Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Steelbook] In Stunning High Definition, From A Brand-New 4K Transfer! The year is 2005… For millennia, the her...

Patrick Swayze in Road House

New Releases

Road House, Tale Of Tales and More New Releases (9/6/16)

Road House [Collector's Edition] "Very cool, very fast, and more action than the L.A. freeway. Perfect popcorn entertainment." – Film Threat Dalton (Patrick Swayze) is the best bar bou...

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

New Releases

Miraculous, My Little Pony, Deathstalker and Other New Releases (8/30/16)

Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir: Spots On! A second volume of Spots-On superheroics that are nothing short of Miraculous! When the treacherous Hawk Moth uses his evil energ...

Robert De Niro in Midnight Run

New Releases

Midnight Run, Psycho IV and NYPD Blue (New Releases 8/23/16)

Midnight Run [Collector's Edition] "De Niro and Grodin are just brilliant together…" – Scott Weinberg, Jack Walsh (Robert De Niro) is a tough ex-cop turned bounty hunte...

John Lithgow in Buckaroo Banzai

New Releases

Buckaroo Banzai, Elvis, Session 9 and More New Releases (8/16/16)

The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension [Collector's Edition] Expect the unexpected… he does. Neurosurgeon. Physicist. Rock Star. Hero. Buckaroo Banzai (Peter Weller, ...


New Releases

Baskin & Maude (New Releases 8/9/16)

Baskin "Weird and wonderful and very bloody!" – TwitchFilm "One of the best horror films of the decade." – Chris Alexander, Shock Till You Drop "It's one of the best representati...

New Releases

Bite, Body Snatchers, My Little Pony, IMAX and More New Releases (8/2/16)

Bite Your Fear Is Her Appetite. While on her bachelorette party getaway, bride-to be Casey (Elma Begovic) gets a seemingly harmless bite from an unknown insect. After returning home w...

Death Wish II

New Releases

Death Wish II, MST3K and More New Releases (7/26/16)

Death Wish II [Special Edition] Bronson's Loose Again! Paul Kersey is no victim: He fights back – with a vengeance! Legendary tough guy Charles Bronson resumes his trademark role as the...

Return of the Living Dead

New Releases

Return Of The Living Dead, Bad Moon & Sisters (New Releases 7/19/16)

The Return Of The Living Dead [Collector's Edition] "A fresh and immensely entertaining take on the zombie genre." – Film Threat A fiendish mix of outrageous humor and heart-stopping ...

Flight of the Butterflies

New Releases

4K IMAX, Slasher, The Defenders and More New Releases (7/12/16)

Flight Of The Butterflies It's a natural history epic. It's a compelling detective story. It's an adventure. Experience one of the most incredible natural phenomenons on Earth – the mi...

The Pack

New Releases

Cabin Fever, Endgame and The Pack (New Releases 7/5/16)

The Pack "… a cool and enjoyably suspenseful thriller…" – Scott Weinberg, Nerdist Man's best friend becomes his worst nightmare when a horde of bloodthirsty wild dogs descends upon a fam...

Ryan Reynolds in Two Guys and a Girl

New Releases

Two Guys And A Girl, Two-Minute Warning and More New Releases (6/28/16)

Two Guys And A Girl: The Complete Series Welcome to Beacon Street Pizza, the perfect workplace and hangout for the aimless wise guy Berg (Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool), the neurotic Pete (Richa...

Alicia Silverstone in The Crush

New Releases

The Crush, Power Rangers and More New Releases (6/21/16)

The Crush "A really unsettling movie and one that marked Silverstone out as a major talent." – Den of Geek A man who should know better. A much younger teenager. No way should there b...


New Releases

Quackerz, Jeeper Creepers and More New Releases (6/14/16)

Quackerz Release The Quackin'! When the peaceful island of the Mandarin Ducks is mistakenly invaded by the Military Mallards, a conflict flares up between the Mandarin Emperor and t...

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

New Releases

My Little Pony, IMAX Journey to Space and Other New Releases (6/7/16)

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Friends And Family You Don't Necessarily Have To Be Related To Be Family! Twilight Sparkle returns with Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Das...


New Releases

Manhunter, MST3K and More New Releases (5/24/16)

Manhunter [Collector's Edition] "Superior To The Silence Of The Lambs." – Entertainment Weekly "Sleek And Unnerving… Splendidly Creepy" – David Ansen, Entertainment Weekly Form...

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger

New Releases

Kakuranger, Cop Rock & More New Releases (5/17/16)

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger: The Complete Series Before Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, There Was Super Sentai! See where the worldwide phenomenon began with the original Japanese series tha...

Patty Duke in You'll Like My Mother

New Releases

You'll Like My Mother and More New Releases (5/10/16)

You'll Like My Mother Why did they fear Francesca's baby? Oscar® winner Patty Duke stars in the tense and claustrophobic psychological thriller, You’ll Like My Mother. When her husb...


New Releases

Miraculous, Sharkansas and More New Releases (5/3/16)

Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir Get Spots On With The First Superheroes Of Paris! Marinette and Adrien live what appears to be a normal life – going to school and dealing wit...

Bruce Willis and Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her

New Releases

Death Becomes Her and Sssssss Out Today (New Releases 4/26/16)

Death Becomes Her [Collector's Edition] "A comedy with teeth and high style! Death Becomes Her has dazzling special effects and the stars are fun to watch." - David Ansen, Newsweek T...

New Releases

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 and More New Releases (4/19/16)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 [Collector's Edition] THE BUZZZ IS BACK! In 1974, horror fans rejoiced upon the release of Tobe Hooper's masterpiece, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The...

Mark Hamill in Village of the Damned

New Releases

Village Of The Damned, Power Rangers Wild Force & More New Releases

Village Of The Damned [Collector's Edition] "A good-looking, well-wrought film with some knockout special effects…" – Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times From the master of suspense, Joh...

Chloë Sevigney in #Horror

New Releases

#Horror, NYPD Blue & The Hallow (New Releases 4/5/16)

#Horror "Chloë Sevigney and Timothy Hutton are over-the-top wonders, both horrifying yet wonderful..." – Screen Relish You've got followers… cyberbullying goes offline. #Horror follows...

Brittany Murphy in Cherry Falls

New Releases

Cherry Falls, MST3K and More New Releases (3/29/16)

Cherry Falls "Stylish, suspenseful and unusually intelligent for a genre film, Cherry Falls is an excellent example of how to make a horror film right." – Dustin Putman, ...

James Franco Seth Rogen Jason Segel

New Releases

Freaks And Geeks in HD (New Releases 3/22/16)

Freaks And Geeks: The Complete Series [Collector's Edition] All 18 Episodes in Both Original Aspect Ratio and New Widescreen Presentations What high school was like for the rest of us....

Chuck  Norris in Braddock Missing In Action III

New Releases

Two Chuck Norris Films & The Nanny (New Releases 3/15/16)

Invasion U.S.A. "Chuck at his best." – Clint Morris, Moviehole When America faces invasion for the first time in history, it's up to one-man army Matt Hunter (action supers...

Natasha Henstridge in Species II

New Releases

Species Sequels, Bible Stories & More New Releases

Species II "Great Special Effects!" – Boxoffice Having just returned from a mission to Mars, Commander Ross (Justin Lazard) isn't exactly himself. He's slowly becoming a terrifying al...

My Little Pony Friends Across Equestria

New Releases

My Little Pony, The Boy and More New Releases (3/1/16)

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Friends Across Equestria Make New Friends With The Most Powerful Magic In Equestria! Twilight Sparkle has learned the very valuable lesson that there...

Bill Pullman in The Serpent And The Rainbow

New Releases

Serpent And The Rainbow, Jesus Of Nazareth & More New Releases

The Serpent And The Rainbow [Collector's Edition] Don't Bury Me... I'm Not Dead! Wes Craven (A Nightmare On Elm Street, Scream) directs this terrifying story of one man's nightmaris...

Vincent Price

New Releases

New Releases: 2/16/16

The Vincent Price Collection III Get ready for five chilling tales of terror starring the master of horror Vincent Price! MASTER OF THE WORLD 1080p High-Definition Widescreen (1.85:1)...

Power Rangers Time Force

New Releases

New Releases: 2/9/16

Power Rangers Time Force: The Complete Series In the distant future, a team of Power Rangers known as the Power Rangers Time Force act as a time-traveling police force capturing and free...

Zombie Fight Club

New Releases

New Releases: 2/2/16

Zombie Fight Club "GIRLS, BLOOD, ZOMBIES GALORE! It's a solid addition to the Asian live-action zombie market." – In a corner of the city, in a building riddled with cri...

James Spader in Jack's Back

New Releases

New Releases: 1/26/16

Jack's Back "***** (Five Stars) A first-rate, inventive serial-killer thriller" – Jack Sommersby, One hundred years ago, Jack the Ripper slashed his way through London's ...

The Guardian

New Releases

New Releases: 1/19/16

The Guardian William Friedkin, the Academy Award®-winning director of The Exorcist, delivers a new kind of fairy tale for adults. A handsome young couple finds the perfect live-in babysit...

Marc Silvestri in The Image Revolution

New Releases

New Releases: 1/12/16

The Image Revolution "An absolute must-watch… one of the best documentaries of the year" – Umberto Gonzalez, Latino-Review In 1992, Marvel Comics was the number-one publisher of comic b...

Ghost Warrior

New Releases

New Releases: 1/5/16

The House Where Evil Dwells / Ghost Warrior [Double Feature] A Double Dose Of Samurai Action! THE HOUSE WHERE EVIL DWELLS 1982 / 1.78:1 / NEW Transfer A century ago, a samur...

Emilio Estevez in Nightmares

New Releases

New Releases: 12/22/15

Nightmares AN ANTHOLOGY OF TERROR! A pack of cigarettes, a video game, a pick-up truck and a stately colonial home all become key elements in four terrifying tales of terror in the anth...

The Car

New Releases

New Releases: 12/15/15

The Car "If it's a frightening, clever, violent and surprising, shameless Jaws copycat you crave; highjack this ride" – Arrow in the Head Fasten your seatbelts for the terrifying thri...

Garbage Pail Kids

New Releases

New Releases: 12/8/15

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie [Collector's Edition] It Doesn't Get Any Grosser Than This… Especially in High-Definition! Your favorite grime bandits come to life with all the farts, sn...

MST3K Viking Women

New Releases

New Releases: 12/1/15

MST3K: Volume XXXIV This isn't long ago, in a galaxy far, far away. This is the not too distant future, next Sunday A.D., so these aren't the episodes you're looking for. But know this, frien...

Blood and Lace

New Releases

New Releases: 11/24/15

Blood And Lace She searched through the dark corridors of the unknown, only to find… the unbearable. Available for the first time on a home entertainment format, the 1971 cult favorite...

Peter Dinklage in Living In Oblivion

New Releases

New Releases: 11/17/15

Living In Oblivion [20th Anniversary Edition] "Smart, Raffish And Wickedly Playful. Delightful!" – Janet Maslin, The New York Times The leading man has just had a disastrous one-nig...

Nathan For You

New Releases

New Releases: 11/10/15

Nathan For You: Seasons One & Two Nathan Fielder helps real small businesses turn a profit with marketing tactics that no traditional consultant would dare attempt. Whether it's creating...

Bloodsucking Bastards

New Releases

New Releases: 11/03/15

Bloodsucking Bastards "Enough Gore And Laughs To Fill Even The Biggest Of Caskets." – Steve Barton, Dread Central An action-packed vampire comedy in the vein of Office Space and Shaun...

Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness

New Releases

New Releases: 10/27/15

Army Of Darkness [Collector's Edition] "A masterpiece of lunacy and oddball creativity." - From The Balcony Bound in human flesh and inked in blood, the ancient "Necronomicon" – the B...

Tales From The Crypt Demon Knight

New Releases

New Releases: 10/20/15

Tales From The Crypt Presents: Demon Knight [Collector's Edition] A mysterious drifter known as Brayker (William Sadler, Iron Man 3) possesses the last of seven ancient keys that hold the po...

New Releases

New Releases: 10/13/15

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games The Competition's On! Canterlot High meets its rival school, Crystal Prep Academy, in a competition that's a long-standing...

Sarah Silverman in Gravy

New Releases

New Releases: 10/6/15

Gravy Looking for a little something extra in your horror movie diet? Let Scream Factory pass you the Gravy. It's Halloween night. A trio of costumed misfits with very special dietar...

The Bear

New Releases

New Releases: 9/29/15

The Bear [25th Anniversary Collector's Edition] "IMPRESSIVE" – Roger Ebert The Bear is a sheer triumph of cinema in the wild! Notable for its stunning cinematography, minimal dialogue...

Women's Prison Massacre

New Releases

December 2015 Release Pre-orders

We have 13 DVD and Blu-ray titles being released in December that are now available to pre-order right here at! Click through to the product page to view any special offers....

The Sentinel

New Releases

New Releases: 9/22/15

The Sentinel "One of the best horror films of the '70s. An intriguing story and disturbing imagery makes this one stick out in the psyche." – Brian McKay, When a beautif...

The Legacy

New Releases

New Releases: 9/15/15

The Legacy Evil Beyond Exorcism... How far would you go to inherit everlasting life? When Margaret (Katharine Ross, The Stepford Wives) and her boyfriend Pete (Sam Elliot, Frogs, Road H...


New Releases

New Releases: 9/8/15

Shocker [Collector's Edition] On October 2nd, at 6:45 a.m., mass murderer Horace Pinker was put to death... Now he's really mad. Master of horror Wes Craven (Scream, The Last House on ...

New Releases

New Releases: 9/1/15

MST3K: Volume I It's Mystery Science Theater 3000, America's only show that makes fun of really bad B-movies from the comfort of a spaceship floating above Earth. Yes, this has all hap...

Men At Work

New Releases

New Releases: 8/25/15

Easy Money / Men At Work [Double Feature] Blue collar. Blu-ray. Shout! Factory presents a double shift of hardworking comedies for all you nine-to-fivers with Easy Money and Men At Work. ...

Angelina Jolie in Hackers

New Releases

New Releases: 8/18/15

Hackers [20th Anniversary Edition] "This is our world now… the world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud." - The Mentor, The Hacker's Manifesto While practicing the ...

The People Under The Stairs

New Releases

New Releases: 8/11/15

The People Under The Stairs [Collector's Edition] "Wes Craven's most satisfying movie." – San Francisco Chronicle Wes Craven, the director of A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, takes...


New Releases

New Releases: 8/4/15

Wyrmwood: Road Of The Dead "Zombie Freaks And Fanatics … You've Just Stumbled Upon Your Favorite Film..." – Fangoria "Good Old-Fashioned, Body-Chomping, Head-Shooting Zombie Action" – Sc...


New Releases

New Releases: 7/28/15

MST3K: Volume XXXIII CHOOSE YOUR OWN MST3K ADVENTURE! You purchase the latest collection of episodes from the beloved TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000. Now you are forced to end...

I, Madman

New Releases

New Releases: 7/21/15

I, Madman "A witty, sophisticated horror film." -Chicago Tribune Gothic nightmares collide with gritty realism in this "stylish horror thriller [that] pulls you in and makes you pay att...

Sebastian Maniscalco

New Releases

New Releases: 7/14/15

Aren't You Embarrassed? Sebastian Maniscalco In his highly anticipated follow-up to "What's Wrong With People?" celebrated comedian Sebastian Maniscalco now asks "Aren’t You Embarrassed?" ...

Alien Outpost

New Releases

New Releases: 7/6/15

Alien Outpost 2021: An invading race of aliens known as the Heavies are narrowly defeated in the First Earth War. But thousands of them were left behind as a new war on terror rages. In th...

Decline Of Western Civilization

New Releases

New Releases: 6/30/15

The Decline Of Western Civilization Collection "A bracing, stimulating and technically superb close-up look at the L.A. punk scene." – Variety Penelope Spheeris' The Decline Of Western ...

Ryan Gosling in Young Hercules

New Releases

New Releases: 6/23/15

Young Hercules: The Complete Series The early years of mythology's mightiest man are revealed in Young Hercules: The Complete Series! This prequel series to the smash hit Hercules: T...


New Releases

New Releases: 6/16/15

Tentacles / Reptilicus [Double Feature] A Creature Double Feature! TENTACLES It's angry. It's hungry. It's extremely well-armed and it's descending on a small seaside town to sample ...

The Last Unicorn

New Releases

New Releases: 6/9/15

The Last Unicorn [The Enchanted Edition] The Enchanted Tale of The Last Unicorn! Upon hearing that she may be the very last of her kind on Earth, a Unicorn (Mia Farrow) goes in sear...

The Legend of Longwood

New Releases

New Releases: 6/2/15

The Legend Of Longwood Crumbling castles, frightening spirits, beautiful horses and a plucky, fearless heroine all come together in this magical "quest" film, set in the starkly beautifu...

The Nanny

New Releases

New Releases: 5/26/15

The Nanny: The Complete Series Fran-tastic! That flashy girl from Flushing with the heart of an angel (and the voice of a slighty more nasal angel) is here at last in The Nanny: Th...

Maya the Bee

New Releases

New Releases: 5/19/15

Maya The Bee Movie "In the same vein as Finding Nemo, Antz...this is a story about adventure, self-discovery, tolerance and friendship." - Freshly hatched bee Maya is ...

The Colbys

New Releases

New Releases: 5/12/15

The Colbys: The Complete Series The Glamour. The Romance. The Intrigue. The Colbys. Experience the drama, splendor, and machinations of the rich and powerful in the prime-time soap ...

Mel Gibson in Mad Max

New Releases

New Releases: 5/5/15

Mad Max [Collector's Edition] Setting Mel Gibson on a sure path to superstardom, this highly acclaimed "crazy collide-o-scope" (Newsweek) of highway mayhem "cinematically defined the postapo...

My Little Pony Tales

New Releases

New Releases: 4/28/15

My Little Pony Tales: The Complete TV Series The Original Adventures - Now Together in One Set! Ponyland is full of excitement, if you know where to find it, and now all of your favor...

Kurt Russell in Escape From New York

New Releases

New Releases: 4/21/15

Escape From New York [Collector's Edition] A thrilling landmark film that jolts along at a breakneck pace, Escape From New York leapt to cult status with high-octane action, edge-of-your-se...

New Releases

New Releases: 4/14/15

The Babadook [Special Edition] "One of the scariest horror movies in years" – Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times "Deeply disturbing and highly recommended" – Stephen King "A nerve-fryi...

Invaders From Mars

New Releases

New Releases: 4/7/15

Invaders From Mars From the director of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Lifeforce. This space-age creature feature is crawling with horrifying hordes of Martians hell-bent on stealing...

WKRP In Cincinnati

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July Release Pre-orders

We've got 12 DVD and Blu-ray titles being released in July that are now available to pre-order right here at! Click through to the product page to view any special offers. ...

Rowan Atkinson is Mr. Bean

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New Releases: 3/24/15

Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean [Remastered 25th Anniversary Collection Starring award-winning British comedy genius, Rowan Atkinson (Blackadder, Johnny English, Mr. Bean's Holiday and Bean). The ...

Bea Arthur in Maude

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New Releases: 3/17/15

Maude: The Complete Series Uncompromising, enterprising, anything but tranquilizing… Television history has given us many memorable, amazing women… and then there’s Maude. Bea Arthur ...

Dark Haul

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New Releases: 3/10/15

Dark Haul The meaning of a cryptic prophecy divides a team of secretive guardians as they attempt to transport a deadly creature and its half-human sister in an 18-wheeler truck to a more se...


New Releases

New Releases: 3/3/15

Blacula / Scream Blacula Scream [Double Feature] The eternally cool William Marshall puts a fresh spin on the age-old legend of the vampire, condemned to wander the Earth with an insatiable ...

My Little Pony: Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders

New Releases

New Releases: 2/24/25

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Adventures Of The Cutie Mark Crusaders Find Your Cutie Mark! In Equestria, obtaining a cutie mark is an important coming-of-age moment for a...

New Releases

New Releases: 2/17/15

Super Sentai Zyuranger: The Complete Series Before Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, There Was Super Sentai Zyuranger! See where the worldwide phenomenon began with the original Japanese se...

Maude: The Complete Series

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Upcoming Box Sets

We have quite a few exciting box sets coming out soon... Take a look! Super Sentai Zyurang...

Nicolas Cage in Vampire's Kiss

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New Releases: 2/10/15

Vampire's Kiss / High Spirits [Double Feature] Get ready for high-definition haunts and ha-has from Scream Factory! This double feature presents a pair of paranormal favorites from the 19...

Coffee Town starring Glenn Howerton, Josh Groban and Adrianne Palicki

New Releases

New Releases: 2/3/15

Coffee Town "Like A Crude Hybrid Of Office Space And Clerks, [This] Piss-Your-Pants Funny Comedy Offers No Apologies To The Offended." - CinemaSlasher We all have our favorite hango...

My Little Pony: The Movie

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New Releases: 1/27/15

My Little Pony: The Movie [30th Anniversary] The first day of Spring is on its way and the Little Ponies are preparing for it with a big festival. But all the fun may come to an end if the...

On Golden Pond, Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn

New Releases

New Releases: 1/20/15

On Golden Pond [Collector's Edition] The legendary Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn star in one of the 1980s' most honored and cherished films, On Golden Pond. In his final role, Fonda ...

The Facts Of Life

New Releases

New Releases: 1/13/15

The Facts Of Life: The Complete Series Mrs. Garrett and her girls are ready to make you laugh - and make you think - all over again with The Facts of Life: The Complete Series! Join Blair (L...

Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh

New Releases

New Releases: 1/6/15

Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh “Scarier Than the Original" – Fort Worth Star His myth has endured for generations. His legacy is eternal rage. And now he's back... with a...

Lord of Illusions

New Releases

New Releases: 12/16/14

Lord Of Illusions [Collector's Edition] From best-selling author and celebrated director Clive Barker comes a supernatural thriller that rips apart the boundaries between sanity and madnes...

The Jeffersons

New Releases

New Releases: 12/9/14

The Jeffersons: The Complete Series [The Deee-luxe Edition] Fans of The Jeffersons, rejoice! All 253 episodes of the classic sitcom developed by Norman Lear (All in the Family; Mary Hartman,...

Legacy of Rage

New Releases

New Releases: 12/2/14

Legacy Of Rage Bruce Lee's only son, Brandon Lee (The Crow, Rapid Fire), proves he is every bit his father's son in his only Hong Kong movie, a violent tale of friendship, betrayal, and reve...


New Releases

New Releases: 11/25/14

MST3K: Volume XXXI, The Turkey Day Collection [Collector's Edition Tin + Free Slipcase] MST'ies and bowlers share an enduring love of turkeys. This latest collection of episodes from the cul...

Jimmy Wang Yu Collection

New Releases

New Releases: 11/18/14

The Jimmy Wang Yu Collection [4 Films] Get ready for four high-octane films featuring martial arts sensation Jimmy Wang Yu (Master Of The Flying Guillotine, The One-Armed Swordsman)! ...


New Releases

New Releases: 11/11/14

Dolls FROM THE PEOPLE WHO BROUGHT YOU RE-ANIMATOR They're cute, they're cuddly...and they kill! From horror director Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator), producer Brian Yuzna (Society) and scre...

Sgt. Bilko

New Releases

New Releases: 11/4/14

Sgt. Bilko / The Phil Silvers Show: The Complete Series All 142 hilarious episodes! One of the all-time classics from the golden age of television, Sgt. Bilko/The Phil Silvers Show – ...


New Releases

New Releases: 10/28/14

Nightbreed: The Director's Cut For the first time on home video, you can experience Clive Barker’s original director’s cut of Nightbreed with over 40 minutes of new footage, all mastered i...

Pee-wee's Playhouse

New Releases

New Releases: 10/21/14

Pee-wee's Playhouse: The Complete Series TV Guide named Pee-wee's Playhouse #10 of the Top 25 Cult Television Shows Ever! All 45 wacky episodes, plus Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas Spe...

Unboxing MST3K

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MST3K Turkey Day Collection Unboxing Video

For #MST3KMonday today, we're bringing you the exclusive unboxing video of MST3K: Volume XXXI - The Turkey Day Collection! It's a sneak peek of what's inside the box when you order from us, in...

The Wolverine Collection

New Releases

New Releases: 10/14/14

Marvel Knights: The Wolverine Collection The Greatest Stories Of Wolverine In One 5-Disc Set! WOLVERINE: ORIGIN Long before he was a member of the X-Men, a tormented experiment of the...

Your Weekly Shout Out!

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Your Weekly Shout Out!

The Latest Episode In this week's episode of Your Weekly Shout Out!, hosts Brian Ward and Jennifer Landa try to make Wolverine claws come out of their knuckles. Will they succeed? (Hint: May...

Jack & The Cuckoo Clock Heart

New Releases

New Releases: 10/7/14

Jack & The Cuckoo-Clock Heart “Touching characters and fantastic production design transport viewers of all ages to a colorful dreamscape.” —Sortir a Paris Edinburgh, 1874. ...

Thunder And The House Of Magic

New Releases

New Releases: 9/30/14

Thunder And The House Of Magic Available on Blu-ray & DVD exclusively from Walmart Thunder, an abandoned young cat seeking shelter from a storm, stumbles into the strangest house ...

Halloween: The Complete Collection

New Releases

New Releases: 9/23/14

Halloween: The Complete Collection For the first time in one complete collection: all Ten Halloween films, loaded with extra features, are available one deluxe box set! Halloween night...

The Battery

New Releases

New Releases: 9/16/14

The Battery “One of the best and most ambitious zombie movies in recent memory.” – Brad McHargue, Dread Central Two former baseball players, Ben (Jeremy Gardner) and Mickey (Adam Cron...


New Releases

New Releases: 9/9/14

Pumpkinhead [Collector's Edition] “Vivid, stylish, atmospheric” – The Hollywood Reporter When a group of teenagers inadvertently kill his only son, Ed Harley (Lance Henriksen, Aliens) ...

Transformers Beast Machines

New Releases

New Releases: 9/2/14

Transformers Beast Machines: The Complete Series Two Seasons In One Complete Series Set! Transformers: Beast Wars may have come to an end, but the adventures of Optimus Primal and his ...

Welcome Back, Kotter

New Releases

New Releases: 8/26/14

Welcome Back, Kotter: The Complete Series Meet the Sweathogs. They’re the rowdiest, goofiest bunch of students to ever step foot inside a high school. But if they think they’re too unru...

Martial Arts Movie Marathon Volume 2

New Releases

New Releases: 8/19/14

Martial Arts Movie Marathon, Vol. 2 FATE OF LEE KHAN Directed by the great King Hu (Come Drink With Me, Dragon Inn), Fate Of Lee Khan revolves around a showdown between warriors on di...

Motel Hell

New Releases

New Releases: 8/12/14

Motel Hell [Collector's Edition] You really are what you eat with Farmer Vincent's smoked meat in this creepy horror yarn that "packs a punch that goes way beyond mere terror" (Boxof...

Phantom Of The Paradise

New Releases

New Releases: 8/5/14

Phantom Of The Paradise [Collector's Edition] Phantom Of The Paradise is a ground-breaking cult film favorite from acclaimed writer/director Brian De Palma (Carrie, Dressed To Kill). P...

Herzog: The Collection

New Releases

New Releases: 7/29/14

Herzog: The Collection [Limited Edition] He has taken his camera to parts of the world no other director would dare go, and told stories in ways no...

Deadly Eyes

New Releases

New Releases: 7/15/14

Deadly Eyes Each year they plunder one fifth of our food, spread our deadliest diseases and destroy billions of dollars worth of homes and prop...

Southern Comfort

New Releases

New Releases: 7/8/14

Lake Placid [Collector's Edition] Bill Pullman (Independence Day, The Grudge), Bridget Fonda (Jackie Brown), Brendan Gleeson (In Bruges) and Oliv...

The Final Terror

New Releases

New Releases: 7/1/14

The Final Terror A group of young campers out for what they hope to be a fun-filled weekend find their plans spoiled by a disguised...


New Releases

New Releases: 6/24/14

I Spy: The Complete Series Bill Cosby and Robert Culp star as two of the hippest secret agents in television history in I Spy: The Complete Series. Tra...

Bushido Man

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Bushido Man: The Web Series

Bushido Man is now a web series! Every week an exciting new battle with a different weapon and fighting style. Watch them all in the playlist below, and be sure to subscribe to the Shout!...

The Angela Mao Ying Collection

New Releases

New Releases: 6/17/14

....... The Monkey's Paw After Jake Tilton (C.J.Thomason, Sutures) acquires a mystical "monkey's paw" talisman that gran...

Slugterra: Ghoul From Beyond

New Releases

New Releases: 6/10/14

........ Bushido Man: Seven Deadly Battles Eat and Fight. Upon returning from a pilgrimage across Japan, the ...

Roar Of The Dinobots

New Releases

New Releases: 6/3/14

..... Ravenous It's a recipe for nonstop action and excitement when the inhabitants of an isolated military outpost go up ...

Your Weekly Shout Out

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Your Weekly Shout Out! - New and Improved

Over the past year, we've brought you a weekly update of all things Shout! Factory through our original web series, Your Weekly Shout Out!. Hosted by our very own Bria...