You've seen the excellent, award-winning documentaries and featurettes created by the pop culture fanatics at Shout! Factory. But what you've seen is only a small taste of what was shot. Now, for the very first time, you can hear the full interviews from some of the people behind your all-time factorite movies and TV series, by tuning into our brand-new podcast.



Each week, you'll hear new episodes that feature in-depth interviews with guests like Jeff Goldblum (Into The Night), John Lithgow (The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai, Raising Cain), Peter Dinklage (Living In Oblivion), Rob Reiner (Misery), Matt Adler and Jerry Levine (Teen Wolf), Steve Buscemi (Living In Oblivion) and more!


Listen to every episode below, on iTunesSpotify, or wherever you go for your podcast needs. Just search for “shout!takes” in your favorite podcast provider!