Brent Haynes, Head of Television Development


Brent Haynes joined Shout! Factory in 2018 as the Head of TV Development for Shout! Studios.  As the title suggests, he is responsible for the development and production of premium content for both traditional broadcast as well as digital streaming services. 

With a 20-year history as a Broadcast Executive and Producer across many genres, Brent’s main focus has been comedy, his first true love. Previously he was SVP of Comedy and Animation at MTV in New York and also oversaw programming for The Comedy Network in Canada where he worked for more than 10 years.  Before joining Shout! Studios Brent ran his own production company under the NBCU International banner.  He’s developed and/or produced over a 100 scripted and unscripted series including The Tom Green Show, Corner Gas, Puppets Who Kill, Silent Library, Warren The Ape, Nikki & Sarah Live, World of Jenks and Crash Gallery

Originating from North of the border, Brent grew up in Toronto and earned his Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature from Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.

When not working with writers and producers and scheming up new ideas for the screen, Brent is an avid runner, a mediocre magician and loves to cook.  He has also proved his mother wrong when she told him that watching too much TV would lead to nothing good.



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