Arlene Shapiro, Vice President, Royalties


Arlene Shapiro joined Shout! Factory in 2007 and is currently VP of Royalties.  She is responsible for leading a team that compiles and administers royalty payments to hundreds of program licensors and royalty recipients from studios to producers to independents to talent.


Arlene started her career in entertainment at Chameleon Records as an esteemed Finance Grunt.  From there she worked as a royalty manager at EMI-Capitol.  When that department moved out of state she opted for a job at Rhino Records.  Arlene was at Rhino Records and Warner Music group for over 10 years and ultimately followed her Rhino mentors to Shout! Factory.  Arlene is a graduate of UC San Diego, a proud LA native, and a devoted heavy metal fan.



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