We are proud of the culture we’ve built at Shout! Factory and the people who work here. So you may ask yourself: what is it like to work at Shout! Factory? The short answer: It’s great! And it’s great in large part because of our company culture. It’s the kind of place that believes no matter what we have been hired to do, we are not limited to or by our job descriptions. In fact, we know that each of our employees is more than just a person hired to do a job.


We’re fans: we care about the products we release. We’re good citizens: we care about our community and our world. We’re friends: we help and respect each other. We’re parents: we push each other to be more successful. We’re family: we may sometimes be slightly dysfunctional, but not in an unhealthy way! And because of this, our company culture is truly a special one. It’s one where we have each other’s back. One where it’s not so scary to give constructive criticism to each other. One where we celebrate our successes and acknowledge our failures. One where the benefits are both traditional (like health insurance) and not (like monthly guided meditation sessions). And one that encourages collaboration, creativity, hard work and compassion. It’s a place we work, but it’s not a workplace.



Getting away from the office can mean working at Botcon, San Diego Comic-Con, or other live production environments


Norman Lear visits an all-company meeting, October 2017

Television legend Norman Lear visits an all-company meeting (October 2017)



From Mick Fleetwood to "Weird Al" Yankovic, you never know just who's going to stop by around here


Core Values


Our core values tell you who we are as individuals and as a company. By sharing and promoting these values, we know we will attract partners and employees who share them and ensure that the culture we’ve created will continue to thrive.


ASPIRE — Dream Big; Pursue Growth; Be the Best

CREATE — Be Open-Minded; Reimagine What Is Possible; Welcome Change

ACHIEVE — Work Hard; Own the Results; Make It Great, then Make It Greater

RESPECT — Value Those Around You; Make Each Other Better; Embrace Our Differences

SERVE — Do Right By Our Fans and Partners; Give Back to the Community; Make the World a Better Place


We would like to acknowledge the essential contributions of Vickie Whatley, our former head of HR, in leading the effort to formalize and build initiatives around Shout! Factory’s core values. Although she is no longer with us, her legacy will live on.



Community Service


At Shout! Factory, we believe in making a difference. As a company and as individuals, we give back to our local and global community through volunteer hours and fundraising efforts. We have incorporated a company-wide Day of Service where we select a non-profit organization and volunteer as a group one day a year. We promote volunteerism among of employees by offering a community service program where employees are awarded with paid time off if they donate a minimum of 16 hours of their own time to a non-profit of their choice. Our founders are active in multiple non-profits. Here are just a few of the organizations we support:



Volunteering with L.A Kitchen (February 2018)


L.A. Works


L.A. Works is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, volunteer action center that creates and implements hands-on community service projects throughout the greater Los Angeles area. We strive to empower Angelenos to address pressing social issues through volunteerism and community collaborations.

Founded in 1991, our mission consists of three principal pillars:

1. INCREASE volunteer participation in community service projects;

2. PROVIDE our nonprofit partners with access to volunteer labor and other RESOURCES; and

3. EDUCATE and engourage people to engage in the broader social issues affecting the greater Los Angeles Community.


National Police Accountability Project (NPAP)


National Police Accountability Project (NPAP) is a 501(c)(3) organization and a project of the National Lawyers Guild, which was founded in 1937 as the first racially integrated national bar association. In 1999, NPAP was created as a non-profit to protect the human and civil rights of individuals in their encounters with law enforcement and detention facility personnel. The central mission of NPAP is to promote the accountability of law enforcement officers and their employers for violations of the Constitution and the laws of the United States.


Black Futures Lab


Black Futures Lab works with Black people to transform our communities, building Black political power and changing the way that power operates—locally, statewide, and nationally.

There are three ways that Black Futures Lab is a different kind of project for change: our mission to engage Black voters year-round; our commitment to use our political strength to stop corporate influences from creeping into progressive policies; and our plan to combine technology and traditional organizing methods to reach Black people anywhere and everywhere we are.



Little Kids Rock


Little Kids Rock transforms lives by restoring, expanding, and innovating music education in our schools. Our network of thousands of K-12 teachers across 48 states lead a national movement that brings innovative and inclusive music education to students.


Music Brings Us Together

Using genres including rock, pop, Latin, and rap, our program empowers teachers to build music programs as diverse as the kids they serve. Our students see themselves reflected in their classes, which strengthens their connection to their school, their peers, and their community. Little Kids Rock also donates necessary instruments, and curriculum, meeting a key need of many school music programs.

The world of music expands through innovation. We ensure that music education does as well.

More than 550,000 kids currently participate in Little Kids Rock programs nationwide. Since 2002, the organization has reached more than 950,000 students with highly-inclusive and culturally relevant music education. To learn more about Little Kids Rock, visit www.littlekidsrock.org.



Feeding America


Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization with a network of 200 member food banks across the country, today announced the establishment of the COVID-19 Response Fund to help food banks across the country as they support communities impacted by the pandemic. The $2.65 million fund will enable food banks to secure the resources they need to serve the most vulnerable members of the community during this difficult time. Still, it is impossible for the Feeding America network to address this pandemic without public and government support, so that food banks can do what they do best — feed people in need within their communities.

To learn more and support efforts at the national level, visit feedingamerica.org. To support your community or affected communities directly, you can use the Feeding America food bank locator.


First Responders Children's FoundationFirst Responders Children's Foundation


First Responders Children’s Foundation provides financial support to both children who have lost a parent in the line of duty as well as families enduring significant financial hardships due to tragic circumstances. First Responders Children’s Foundation also supports, promotes, and facilitates educational activities and programs created and operated by law enforcement and firefighting organizations whose purpose is to benefit children or the community at large.

First responders are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic in every community across the country, and First Responders Children’s Foundation provides support to those first responder families who are enduring financial hardship due to the coronavirus outbreak. If you are a first responder family in need, please If you can donate to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, please go to https://1strcf.org/ to help make a difference, and thank you.




The mission of the C5 Youth Foundation of Southern California, is to change the odds for high-potential teens from under-resourced communities by inspiring them to pursue personal success, while preparing them for leadership roles in school, college, work and their communities.



C5LA was founded in 1999 as the personal philanthropy of John Alm, former President and CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprise. After years of sending his own children to summer camp, John saw the impact that it had on their lives, helping them develop personal skills, confidence, and improved self esteem. The camp experience was an amazing lesson in life for all that were fortunate enough to attend. Unfortunately, those children who could benefit the most from such programs were unable to afford such an experience.

With this in mind, John and his wife Carolyn began their mission with the idea of providing not only a camp program, but also a leadership development and life preparatory experience to those who simply had no access to such opportunities. After bringing his initial dream to reality, C5LA has grown in scope from a four week summer camp to what is now a 5 year, year-round Leadership Development and College Preparatory Program, hence our name C5-college in five years. Since the inception of the program, John Alm and the Los Angeles program have inspired others to expand C5 which now serves youth in four other cities across the United States.


My Friend’s Place


My Friend’s Place assists and inspires homeless youth to build self-sufficient lives.



In 1988, Steve LePore and Craig Scholz initiated a volunteer-led, mobile meal program to distribute sack lunches to the homeless youth in the Hollywood community. Soon the volunteers built trust with the young people and realized that youth are driven to the streets by abuse, abandonment and neglect by families and caregivers. The needs and challenges of homeless youth go well beyond the critical condition of hunger.

Two years later, the volunteer group first opened the doors of a facility they called My Friend’s Place where they began to offer social services and creative opportunities in addition to basic needs . Today, My Friend’s Place is a thriving, professionally staffed drop-in Resource Center serving more than 1,400 homeless youth ages 12 to 25 and their children each year. Our primary goal is to lower traditional barriers to service and provide homeless youth with the opportunity to improve their psychological, intellectual and physical capacity to reach their potential.



In collaboration with the leading social services providers and educational institutions in the region as well as over 400 volunteers, we offer a free and comprehensive continuum of care that combines emergency necessities with therapeutic, health, employment and education assistance, and creative arts services through three programmatic areas: Safe Haven, Education and Health and Well Being.


Volunteering with My Friend's Place (January 2017)


Big Sunday


Big Sunday connects people through helping. Absolutely everyone has some way that they can help somebody else. 

Here’s the thing: we believe that we’re all in this together. That’s why we offer an enormous variety of opportunities and projects that unite people to improve lives, build community, and give everyone a sense of belonging.


A Place For Everyone

We organize over 2000 ways for you to get involved every year – from working on service projects at our headquarters, to helping us collect materials for food, book, and school supply drives, to joining us for school beautification projects, and much more!  Below, you will find a summary of each of our programs – whether you’re interested in volunteering, contributing money or items, or co-producing a service event with us –  there is truly a place for everyone at Big Sunday!



Volunteering with Big Sunday at Western Avenue Elementary (May 2019)


Big EQ Campaign


Our mission is educating the public about emotional intelligence learning effectiveness when implemented with a fidelity that includes buy-in from all stakeholders and an immersive social-emotional learning overall school culture in and out of all classrooms, and our intention is to leave it to the plethora of existing social-emotional learning organizations, school districts and providers to work through the challenges of identifying the right programs for each student body, and of preparing and training staff for long and short-term success.


Core Statement

Because Emotional Intelligence is the ability to deal with ourselves, our relationship with others, and our lives in a healthy, caring and productive way. Among benefits:


*EQ skills dissolve, in children and adults, their alienation, inability to process anger, emotional suffering, violence and abusiveness – and  blocks to learning.


*Nothing in the human toolbox has been proven to uplift children, schools and youth mental health better.


*Research reveals EQ is more relevant than IQ to personal success, health and happiness – and to positive outcomes for communities and workplaces.


*10% of our schools soar with this life-transforming learning – and 100% of our kids deserve to.



City of Hope


City of Hope is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people with cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses. Our mission is to transform the future of health care by turning science into a practical benefit, hope into reality. We accomplish this by providing outstanding care, conducting innovative research and offering vital education programs focused on eliminating these diseases.



Founded in 1913, City of Hope is one of only 49 comprehensive cancer centers in the nation, as designated by the National Cancer Institute. Our role as leaders in patient care, basic and clinical research, and the translation of science into tangible benefit is widely acknowledged.


Our community includes research associates, scientists, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, graduate students, fundraising specialists, marketing professionals, volunteers and an extensive support staff. We are united by our desire to find cures, save lives and transform the future of health. Every discovery we make and every new treatment we create gives people the chance to live longer, better and more fully.


Volunteering with The Spark Program (May 2016)




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