Gift Guide Recommendations

Shout! Factory products make great gifts for the TV and movie fans on your list! Check out what others are recommending this year:

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T.A.M.I. Show / The Big T.N.T. Show [Collector’s Edition]

Recommended by: The New York Times, The AV Club, Flavorwire

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Freaks And Geeks: The Complete Series [Collector’s Edition]

Recommended by: LA Times, The New York Times, The AV Club

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Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Collection [with Exclusive Limited Edition Action Figure]

Recommended by: Playboy, Fandango, Paste

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Child’s Play [Deluxe Limited Edition with Exclusive Action Figure]

(Please note: the Deluxe Edition is now out of print, but

the Collector’s Edition with free poster is still available)

Recommended by: Playboy

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Recommended by: Playbill

The Thing [Collector’s Edition]

Recommended by: The AV Club

Manhunter [Collector’s Edition]

Recommended by: Paste, Flavorwire

Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXXVII + Exclusive Bonus Disc

Recommended by: Flavorwire

“Shout! Factory repeatedly puts out exceptional product, from their newly launched Shout Select imprint to their Scream Factory offerings, Shout! continues to mine the list of out-of-print or never-released classic film and TV shows, several of which are showcased in this mini-section of our classic film recommendations.” – Paste Gift Guide