Announcing Free Shipping For Orders Over $50!

Here at Shout! Factory, we love the word, “free.” It just makes us happy. So we decided to share that joy by shipping orders greater than $50 for free (see rules of the offer below for complete details)!

This isn’t a limited time offer — it is a permanent change!

Soon, we will be announcing additional changes to our website — including speed upgrades, better search functionality, and a new homepage! Stay tuned for these and more improvements to our site to come in 2018.


  • Free shipping is applied to orders $50.01 (U.S. dollars) and greater.
  • Free shipping offer applies to orders with STANDARD shipping only. EXPEDITED shipping rates still apply.
  • Free shipping applies to orders shipped to U.S. States and Territories only. Canadian shipping rates still apply.
  • Offer is not retroactive for orders placed prior to this change.
  • For our complete shipping table, please consult our FAQ.

8 thoughts on “Announcing Free Shipping For Orders Over $50!

  1. Great news all around! I have one request for a new website, though… I hope you’ll consider including a wish list feature for people who set up accounts.

      • Free Shipping to Canada? Even if that is for orders over $100 or something, it would still be better than feeling left out of this “exciting, breaking news” announcement entirely.

  2. Hi Guys !!!
    Free Shipping to Canada will ALSO boost your sales…. It is the same DVD and Blu Ray region too where your licensing applies so don’t forget about us up North and put us to the test…. Give us Free shipping for 3 months and if it doesn’t pay off just cancel it afterwards !

    • We’re crunching the numbers on a free shipping threshold that would work for Canadian orders. It won’t be $50, but we hope to have this settled sometime this year.

      • If your threshold makes sense (like please not 100) you can expect we’ll place orders… just make sure to crank the social media then !

        Cheers and thanks for listening !


    • This includes everything sold on the Shout! Factory website – including every Scream Factory release currently in print.

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