Police Story: Season One

Police Story

Police Story: Season One

Available in:   US and Canada

Release Date:  09/06/2011

On DVD for the first time!

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Created by ex-cop-turned-author Joseph Wambaugh (The Onion Field), Police Story is an anthology series detailing the lives of LAPD officers in a collection of realistic and gritty accounts of what it meant to be a cop in 1970s Los Angeles. The series became the archetype for many critically acclaimed shows that followed, including Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue and Homicide: Life On The Street.

The series distinguished itself from its predecessors by a multidimensional portrayal of its protagonists - these cops were flawed, not cartoonlike heroes. From week to week, gripping episodes addressed difficult issues such as police corruption and the stresses and hell that can come with leading a cop's life.

With no regular cast, the show featured different stars each week, as well as a rotating acting ensemble including James Farentino (Jesus Of Nazareth), Tony Lo Bianco (The French Connection), Don Meredith (NFL Monday Night Football), Laraine Stephens (Matt Helm) and Vic Morrow (Combat!). Season One stars included Ed Asner, Lloyd Bridges, Angie Dickinson, Dean Stockwell and Kurt Russell.

Discs: 6 Format: NTSC
Video region: Region 1
Run-Time: 19.5 hours Color: Color
Rating: NR Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Language: English
Original Air Date: 1973-1978


Preview Disc Track Track Title Artist Format Time    
1 1 Slow Boy Police Story Video -
1 2 Dangerous Games Police Story Video -
1 3 Requiem For An Informer Police Story Video -
2 1 The Ten-Year Honeymoon Police Story Video -
2 2 The Violent Homecoming Police Story Video -
2 3 The Ho Chi Minh Trail Police Story Video -
2 4 Collision Course Police Story Video -
3 1 Death On Credit Police Story Video -
3 2 The Big Walk Police Story Video -
3 3 Man On A Rack Police Story Video -
3 4 Line Of Fire Police Story Video -
4 1 Chain Of Command Police Story Video -
4 2 Countdown - Part I Police Story Video -
4 3 Countdown - Part II Police Story Video -
4 4 Cops In The Middle Police Story Video -
5 1 The Ripper Police Story Video -
5 2 Country Boy Police Story Video -
5 3 Big John Morrison Police Story Video -
6 1 Wyatt Earp Syndrome Police Story Video -
6 2 Fingerprint Police Story Video -
6 3 Chief Police Story Video -
6 4 The Gamble Police Story Video -



Season Two???

Please let me know if and when you intend to release Season Two of Police Story on DVD. I would buy every season of this program from you right now if they were available. Please let me know. Thanks.

Excellent First Season!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the First Season of "Police Story" on DVD and I am so hopeful that Shout!Factory will release the Second Season of "Police Story" soon! I would be more than willing to order every season of this fine program on DVD or Digital Download!

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