Naked Angels

Roger Corman's Cult Classics

Naked Angels

Available in:   US and Canada

Release Date:  08/21/2012

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Get an inside look at the bizarre lifestyles of the outlaw bikers in Naked Angels. Many of the roles are played by actual members of the notorious Hells Angels in this classic Roger Corman production.


The story revolves around a death feud between two rival biker gangs. The Angels are out to avenge themselves on the Las Vegas Hotdoggers, who severely beat their leader, Mother (Michael Greene, To Live And Die In L.A.). After being released from the hospital, Mother sets out to get revenge on the thugs who put him there in the first place. Also starring Jennifer Gan (Women In Cages), Richard Rust (The Student Nurses) and directed by Bruce Clark (Galaxy Of Terror).

Format: NTSC
Run-Time: 84 min Color: Color


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