Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXIV

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXIV

Available in:   US and Canada

Release Date:  07/31/2012

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The cult comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 has always welcomed immigrant films with open arms. One can almost imagine a Satellite of Liberty greeting the waves of foreign films seeking a more prosperous life in America. Its inscription might well read, "Give me your tired plots, your poor acting, your muddled directors yearning to be schlock-free." It is in this spirit that Volume XXIV presents four of cinema's transplants - from Russia, Italy and two from Japan -that simply didn't take. Thankfully, Joel, Mike and their band of robot brothers (Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot) alleviate their (and our) suffering by watching these movies with a joyously irreverent stream of higher consciousness. You have in your hands passports to laughter. Consider them riffed and stamped by those tormented souls aboard the Satellite of Love.

Bonus features:

  • Introductions by August Ragone
  • You Asked For It! Sandy Frank Speaks
  • MST Hour Wraps
  • Life After MST3K: Frank Conniff
  • MST3K Shorts: Snow Thrills & A Date With Your Family
  • Santo + Samson = K. Gordon Murray
  • 4 Exclusive Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance

  • Discs: 4 Format: NTSC
    Video region: Region 1
    Run-Time: 8 hours Color: Color
    Rating: NR Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
    Language: English
    Original Air Date: 1988-1999


    Preview Disc Track Track Title Artist Format Time    
    1 1 Fugitive Alien Mystery Science Theater 3000 Video -
    2 1 Star Force: Fugitive Alien II Mystery Science Theater 3000 Video -
    3 1 The Sword And The Dragon Mystery Science Theater 3000 Video -
    4 1 Samson Vs. The Vampire Women Mystery Science Theater 3000 Video -


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