Raise The Titanic

Raise the Titanic

Raise The Titanic

Available in:   US and Canada

Release Date:  01/21/2014

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Join the underwater race to salvage the Titanic and its vital defense cargo. Adapted from Clive Cussler's international best-seller, the story follows the exploits of American special agent Dirk Pitt as he sets out to recover vital material from the Titanic which could make the US impregnable to atomic attack. The ship is down too deep for divers and the only solution is to raise it. The incredible project must be managed in absolute secrecy because of deadly interference from a rival nation. The Titanic is finally, and majestically, brought to the surface -- but the vital, rare mineral is missing...


A breathtaking adventure from beginning to end, Raise The Titanic stars Jason Robards (Once Upon A Time In The West), Richard Jordan (Dune), David Selby (Dark Shadows), Anne Archer (Fatal Attraction) and Alec Guiness (Lawrence Of Arabia).

Discs: 2 Format: NTSC
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Language: English
Subtitles: English


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