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After all the seasons of police story have been released will these movies get released at all?



TV Reunion Movies:

Pressure Point (9/27/1977)
Stigma (11/9/1977)
River Of Promises (1/14/1978)
Day Of Terror, Night Of Fear (3/4/1978)
The Broken Badge (3/19/1978)
No Margin For Error (4/30/1978)
A Chance To Live (5/28/1978)
A Cry For Justice (5/23/1979)
ConfessionS Of A Lady Cop (4/28/1980)
The Freeway Killings (2 Movies - 4 Hours) (5/3/1987)
Cop Killer (10/29/1988)
Gladiator School (11/5/1988)
The Watch Commander (11/12/1988)
Burnout (11/26/1988)
Monster Manor (12/3/1988)

Release it on DVD now!!
Nobody lives forever!

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