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Hey guys, with Shout!'s recent acquisitions of Nickelodeon's older programs, I figured I'd start an official thread to house all the upcoming release dates as well as informative requests/suggestions for you guys to give Shout!  I will maintain this thread with the most current information regarding latest release dates.  I welcome Brian and other Shout! staff to update all the fans with any news they have as well.  Enjoy and let Classic Nickelodeon forever rule!


1) "The Wild Thornberrys" Season 1 -- May 17, 2011
2) "Rocko's Modern Life" Season 1 -- June 21, 2011
3) "Hey Dude" Season 1 -- July 19, 2011

NOTE: In the original press release for "The Wild Thornberrys" Season 1, it was announced that Shout! Factory has reserved the right for DVD and Blu-ray releases (although, no Blu-ray releases have been announced) of "The Wild Thornberrys" and "Rocko's Modern Life" along with other Nickelodeon animated programs such as: "Hey Arnold!", "Danny Phantom" and "Aaaah! Real Monsters".  The latter three shows have yet to be given an official release date.

Does anyone find it weird how Amazon's image product of Real Monsters Complete series DVD has a thinner spine than the actual product? Not that I'm complaining, it's slimmer than 4 seperate seasons combined!

The original post has been updated with the latest "Danny Phantom" news and here's the cover art!


Danny Phantom: The Complete Series  DVD Set will be released on January 28th.

The price at amazon.com as of right now is $20.95


The price at dvdempire.com as of right now is $22.99


Thank you Shout for releasing Hey Dude on DVD!!! I never thought I would see it on DVD (like most of my favorites), but you surprised me! I just picked up season 3 today. Just need to get seasons 4 and 5 next month!

So, my copy of Hey Arnold! season 5 came in the mail today too! I'm really glad they started shipping them out early, it's great to finally have the whole series on a more legitimate DVD format. Now I'm just waiting till October for AAAHH!!! Real Monsters the complete series to have all of my favorite Nick shows that Shout! has the rights to release on DVD! And I'm still gonna hold onto the hope that Shout! can do Rugrats and Doug someday.

Huh. Interesting. All I got was an order confirmation email so far, but they did charge my card as a "pre-authorization" which I guess is normal, anyway.

still, it would be awesome if I could could get it in a few days instead of like a month and a half lol. 

Haha good question.  I just placed a "pre" order through this website and then the next day got an email notification that it had shipped...I thought that was strange at the time, like maybe it was just a badly worded order confirmation, but here it is!  I don't know if just anyone could do the same and get it immediately or if I just got super lucky and mine slipped through the cracks somehow.


how did you get it so soon??

It's not October 15th, but I got Hey Arnold: The Final Season in the mail today.

Got it pre-ordered! I can't wait, I have all the Amazon releases from a few years ago, but it's nice to be able to have them on a more "official" DVD release. I still hate that they had to split season 2 into two parts, but I don't blame Shout! for that.

As chronoclast mentioned, "Hey Arnold!" The Final Season will be debuting on October 15, 2013 via the Shout Select store.  That wraps up yet another Nick show on DVD!  The OP has been updated with this news.



The last season of Hey Arnold is coming on October 15th. Is there any possiblity of a Complete Series set happening too or are those only for the better selling retail releases like Rocko?

From Shout! Factory Facebook:

We have no plans for a complete series release of Hey Arnold at this time.

In addition, for those wondering about an individual release of "Rocko's Modern Life" Season 4, it will be released on October 15th.

Talk about a way to end the work week!  "The Wild Thornberrys" The Final Seasons have officially been announced and will be released exclusively through the Shout Select store on September 10th.  The original post has been updated with this terrific news.  Enjoy the cover art below!


Where's Space Cases? We want some Space Cases!!!

Hey Brian, I'm sure coming off of SDCC 2013 must be exhausting but I had to ask, now that almost all of the current Nick shows are either completed or nearing their completion on DVD, are there any new Nick deals being made to add to the line-up?  I'm sure some of the shows sold better than others with this first batch but I'm sure you can imagine that you guys just scratched the surface and there are a ton of other beloved shows still waiting to see a great release from you guys.  Keep up the solid work and thanks in advance!

Amazon.com has Rocko's Modern Life Season 4 up for preorder! It's due out, October 15th 2013.



I like that cover for Hey Arnold!'s final season. I was wondering what they were going to do since they used Amazon's season 5 cover for their season 2 part 2 cover.

And I’ve already got my pre-order for AAAHH!!! Real Monsters complete series in! I’m surprised the announcement didn’t show up on their Facebook page or anything, I only just found out about it tonight because of Amazon’s recommendations. This is funny, it’ll be my third time buying the first season of that show (first was Amazon’s release, then I got the Shout! release, and now I’ll be getting it again in the complete series). That’s ok though, it’ll free up shelf space.

I just wish Shout! could get the rights to Rugrats and Doug. I’ve got the Amazon releases of those, I just hate that they only have the first half of season 2 of Rugrats available and Doug season 4 is missing two episodes (it’s extra strange considering they’re available on Amazon’s streaming service).

And here's to hoping for a complete series release of CatDog and a season 4 release of Real Monsters and Rocko's Modern Life.

Darn it was hoping Hey Arnold to have its complete series release first! Is that final Season a shout select also? I haven't bought any more Hey Arnold since it went down that road!

I'm very excited for Real Monsters though, even if I do own the three Seasons already -_-  So whoever needs them, you know who to contact!

Thanks Shout! Very thrilled!

@90sKidd, While nothing has been confirmed, I would imagine that the final season of "Hey Arnold!" will be a Shout Select release.  Although, there still may be hope for a complete series set to be released everywhere.  I'm sure we'll learn more details very soon.

And the hits just don't stop today...  Shout! Factory have officially announced "Hey Dude" The Final Season which is set to be released on July 16th.  The final season will be released exclusively via Shout! Select.  The original post has been updated with this news.  All the current Nick releases seem to be nearing their completion which is the best news for fans!


Speaking of Nick shows being completed... Shout! Factory have officially announced "Aaahh!!!! Real Monsters" The Complete Series.  The 8-disc set will be released on October 8, 2013.  Pre-orders are now being taken over at Amazon.  As always, the release date calendar found in the OP has been updated with this latest announcement!  Keep up the solid work, Shout!




This should be of interest to many of you "Hey Arnold!" fans.  Shout Factory posted a sneak peek on their Instagram of the wrap-around for "Hey Arnold!" The Final Season.  There has been no official announcement or release date revealed but this is encouraging news to see that another Nick show will be completed soon.



What do you think will be the next dvd set to be release in September? What's left? - Rocko's Modern Life: Season 4; Danny Phantom: Season 3; The Wild Thornberrys: Seasons 4 & 5; Hey Dude: Season 5; Hey Arnold: Season 5; Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Season 4; The Angery Beavers: Season 4.

So whatever happened to the individual release of Rocko's Modern Life Season 4?

I'm wondering the same thing. :/ I'm also eagerly awaiting for the final season of Real Monsters.

Season 4 of Rocko will be out this year, most likely between September and December.


If ya cant wait for season 4, why not buy the complete set? its only 15 bucks on amazon and i doubt the individual season 4 is going to be any cheaper.

I already own seasons 1-3 of Rocko. As long as season 4 is planning to be released, I'll be happy. Ditto for Real Monsters.

I understand you own seasons 1-3, but the season 4 release will most likely be 20 bucks, and if you buy the complete set for 15 bucks you get season 4 plus some back up discs of season 1-3 just in case.

Finally got this up on the wall!

"Holy Heffer!"   you did it!  and it looks fantastic!  thanks for sharin'!

Looks like we finally have another Nick show wrapping up on DVD this August!  "CatDog" The Final Season will be released on August 10, 2013.  Pre-orders are now being taken through Amazon and Shout's website so be sure to lock your orders in.  The release date calender has now been adjusted with this exciting news.


Chalk up another Nick release coming from Shout this June!  "The Wild Thornberrys" Season 3 will be released via the Shout Select line on June 11, 2013.  The pre-order link is attached below and the release date calendar has been adjusted with this latest news.  Enjoy!


hey frightner22, i was wondering if you plan to buy the upcoming releases of The Wild Thornberry's: Season 3 and Hey Arnold: Season 4, if you are i was wondering if u can ask you something personal about them when and if you decide to get them or not?? thanks

The Wild Thornberrys: Season 3 is now up for pre-order as another Shout Select release.  I'm not seeing it on the Shout Select page yet but Shout Factory tweeted about it and it does show up under the "animation" banner.

I'm excited for the complete series sets of these shows. I'm definitely buying The Angry Beavers set and I hope Shout! will release complete series sets of Hey Arnold, Wild Thornberrys , and Danny Phantom.

I'm curious to see what other Nick titles shout will license on DVD. I'm hoping they'll eventually release KaBlam!, Rocket Power, Journey of Allen Strange, Kenan & Kel, and All That. I remember have very fond memories of those shows.

If Shout! does release a Danny Phantom complete series set, they should put the season 2 episodes in order & remove the duplicate episodes. 

Yea. I'm crossing my fingers that they will fix that problem.

Shout is back at it with yet another upcoming Nick release!  On May 14, 2013, Shout Factory will release "Hey Arnold!" Season 4 through their Shout Select line which means you can only buy exclusively through Shout Factory.  Pre-orders are now being taken through Shout Factory's website so be sure to lock your orders in.  I'm thrilled to see that the seasons for all of these shows continue to come out at a steady pace. Considering the recent Nick announcements, I have to wonder if this announcement means that a complete series set of "Hey Arnold!" isn't too far off?  In the meantime, the release date calendar has been updated with this latest title.

I imagine Real Monsters to release its complete series set near Halloween. 

 That show and Hey Arnold, espcially with Season 4 out sooner than I thought, are a step away to full circle, I'm just gonna wait for their complete series release!

Me too! I really hope they decide to release rocket power that was a fantastic nick show in the early 2000's. Thank you shout for releasing such awesome series!

I hope all the nick shows get a complete series release someday.

While this isn't related to Shout Factory, I thought everyone in this topic might like to know anyway.  The first season of Are You Afraid of the Dark? is being re-released by another company in Canada.  So it will be available again at non-exorbitant prices, for a while at least.  And of course, it will be playable in US DVD players.  Here's a link:



I'm glad I can finally get Are You Afraid of the Dark: Season 1 at a reasonable price.  I hope that seasons 2 - 7 get re-released.

Are they going to release Angry Beavers season 4 on it's own? I already bought seasons 1-3 and don't really want to buy the complete series if I don't have too.

When is Shout Factory going to release complete series sets of Aaah Real Monsters, Danny Phantom, Wild Thornberrys, Hey Arnold, Cat Dog, Hey Dude? When is Shout Factory going to release other Nicktoons on DVD in complete series sets?

Looks like Shout Factory will be releasing "The Angry Beavers" The Complete Series on July 30, 2013.  The 10 DVD set is now up for pre-order over at Amazon. The release date calendar has been updated with this exciting news.



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