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MST3K Show Numbers?

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Not sure if a thread was made for this, but I was wondering why the show numbers (201, 812, etc.) are not given on the MST3K releases. I remember Rhino releases did this. While I know the internet and episode numbers are just a click away, it would be awesome for the episode number to be mentioned on the back of each slim case. Even just a small number in the corner would make it much easier for one to reorganize the individual cases into a chronological order. Plus, it's a rather valuable piece of info.


RE: MST3K Show Numbers?

I'd also appreciate the show numbers on the box.  I end up filing them all by episode number, and every single time I've gotten the new box set I still look for the show number, forgetting that SF doesn't include them.  I'd love to be surprised and actually find them on the next set.

RE: MST3K Show Numbers?

Thanks for the reply! That's odd that they'd take it under consideration, but never follow through with it. It's such a simple piece of information to include. Here's hoping they have space for three little numbers on upcoming releases.

RE: MST3K Show Numbers?

That has been brought up before, bharmon, and I think B Ward said that it would taken under consideration. While many fans do seem to have show numbers memorized for each and every season, that would be a nice little addition to future box sets. I'm surprised SF didn't do this starting with the very first set they produced, but apparently it's a detail they feel isn't necessary. 

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