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Transformers Animated Season 3

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Well no sign of Season 3, infact it was yanked off Amazon as upcoming a few months ago. Are they holding off to give the Shout releases of the old series no TF competition? Anyone heard about when season 3 will be released?

RE: Transformers Animated Season 3

It's funny because I really hated this show until season 3. I still thought the animation designs were the ugliest ever for a TF series, but I had to give props to the writers for coming up with some good stories, and having some Japanese TF fan service was nice too. I would gladly give up my paramount season 1 & 2 sets if only for a season 3 relase.

RE: Transformers Animated Season 3

Seasons 1 and 2 were released by Paramount instead of CN's distributor Warner, possibility meaning the home video rights are solely owned by Hasbro.

RE: Transformers Animated Season 3

From what I have heard, Animated is jointly owned by Cartoon Network and Hasbro. As such, both of them would have to sign off on a release, which is unlikely as the creation of the Hub by Hasbro and Discovery has reportedly left some bad blood between Hasbro and CN.

I don't know how accurate any of this is as I get all my information on things like this from various fan sites, but it seems to explain why no release of Animated S3 has been forthcoming.

Perhaps someone else around here knows more, from more official sources?

RE: Transformers Animated Season 3

I wish to God that Shout! or someone would release Season 3!  It was an incredible season with tons of cool new characters introduced.  I mean, if they're going to bring Transformers Beast Wars back, Transformers Animated has to be just as popular!

Please give us Season 3!!

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