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1950's Science Fiction Films.

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I would like to know if Rocketship XM is going to be re-released by Shout Factory? I am looking for the origional version of the 1950 film with it's Pink tinting of the Martian surface and NOT the Wade Williams version with the Sepia tinting and all the editing he has done to it. Who owns the Title to it and is there a studio that still has the master copy?

 Thanks in advance for any help in this. Bob Taylor

RE: 1950's Science Fiction Films.

I actually had no idea the Wade Williams version of Rocketship X-M was edited.  How different is the original version to what's on DVD right now?

I'm pretty sure "no plans for Rocketship X-M" doesn't mean they aren't at least trying to get it for us MSTies :^)

RE: 1950's Science Fiction Films.

No plans for Rocketship X-M the original movie or no plans for MST3K Episode 201 Rocketship X-M? That's my all time favorite episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 followed closely by some of the other Lippert movies from season 2. I'm really looking forward to the Lost Continent episode in July. Thanks!

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RE: 1950's Science Fiction Films.

We have no plans for Rocketship XM.  Sorry.


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