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Carol Burnett as Eunice

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I would dearly love to see a collected box set of Carol Burnett's Eunice, Ed & Mama/"The Family" sketches, including the "Eunice" teleplay special and the Eunice-guesting episodes of "Mama's Family" all in one place. These characters were among the greatest comedy character creations of the 70's, but risk being lost to time the way "The Carol Burnett Show" is currently handled on home video and syndication.

Who else would like to see Eunice get her due on DVD?

RE: Carol Burnett as Eunice

I'm all for this! I loved the first two seasons of "Mama's Family" and the sketches on the Carol Burnett shows. The "Mama's Family" episodes with Carol Burnett are available on DVD (except for one, which is possibly the best: "Rashomama"), but they are syndication cuts. The Carol Burnett stuff is hard to come by, and quite honestly this is the only part of the Carol Burnett show I care for, so it wouldn't be worth it to me to buy complete sets of the CB show just to get a few "The Family" sketches. I thought I was probably the only one who felt that way too, but apparently there are others!

A "Eunice" box-set with all the Family sketches and the Eunice teleplay would be incredible. And I do believe this would probably be the only way most people would ever get to see all of the "The Family" sketches. The Carol Burnett show is no longer aired complete in syndication, and I don't think the cut-down versions (called "Carol Burnett and Friends") have all of the "The Family" sketches in them. Also, the Eunice teleplay is very rare, and even though you can find bootlegs at various internet sites, the quality is awful. It would be great if all of this could get a proper release somehow, so I say bring it on!

RE: Carol Burnett as Eunice

I would! The "Eunice" sketches were always my favorites from her show.....

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