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Sunbow G.I. Joe audio edits?

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Is it true that some of the "Sunbow" episodes of G.I. Joe have been edited at the discretion of Hasbro regarding the use of certain words in the dialogue? In other words, I saw something on this post that said that words like "camel jockey" or "terrorist" that were on the original audio mixes were either deleted or other words used in their place (only to appease squeamish parents of kids watching these episodes in this, the post-9/11 world)???
Someone please respond. Thanks.


RE: Sunbow G.I. Joe audio edits?

We got the American version of G.I. Joe in Canada, not Action Force. Action Force was strictly in the U.K.

The Multimedia Chronicles and more:

RE: Sunbow G.I. Joe audio edits?

It might have been the Canadian GI Joe Action force that removed those words.

RE: Sunbow G.I. Joe audio edits?

Jackson Beck (the narrator) still refers to COBRA as "a ruthless terrorist organization...". So, I don't think they've done anything like that. What you heard was likely an unfounded rumor.

RE: Sunbow G.I. Joe audio edits?

If you go to "The Definitive G.I. Joe Thread," you will find all you need to know concerning the new G.I. Joe DVD releases:

To answer your question, no, I believe those edits have not been made on the Shout! DVDs and remain intact as they originally did. :)

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