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I recently ordered the gi joe box set, due to the fact that the bank address and my new home address were different they didnt ship my order, they did however 3 days later without my authorization attempt to draft my account again.  For those of you counting that put a total of 290 dollars on hold out of my account.  Being as i was only counting on the one charge it didnt leave enough in my account to cover outstanding debits i had.  My bank said no problem just have them fax us something on company letter head stating that they release both holds on the money and we will fix it and credit back all over drafts.  I have literally spent since 9am this morning calling and calling trying to get someone to do this simple task for me.  I have talked to three levels of supervisors, 5 help desk girls and god knows who else and they all flat out REFUSE to send a fax to my bank.  When i explain over and over again that they are causing all my other stuff to bounce they have a complete lack of concern.  I stated all it takes is one fax and you guys can fix my problem and i will still order the set.  THEY FLAT OUT REFUSE!  Stating "thats not something we do".  I have wasted a full day trying to get this simple request filled and they flat out refuse.  Keep in mind i only put one order through, they drafted me again 3 days later without even asking or getting approval from me.  That cant be legal!  This company by far has provided me the absolute worst customer service experience in 32 years. So to all you members god help you if you have a problem with your order.  BUYER BEWARE!!

No Response to Submittal of Contact Form

Earlier this week I tried to place an order, but the system had problems with each of two credit cards.  I used the contact form to submit an inquiry.  No response. 

Yesterday I tried to place the order again.  Again it wasn't accepted.  I used the contact form to ask for help.  No response.

I also noted that the error message that shows up when saying there is a problem with the order and which says to contact Shout has neither a link nor a phone number to facilitate that contact.

RE: This company has no concern for customer satisfaction!

that means...

RE: This company has no concern for customer satisfaction!

Hello.  I thought I was on the same road as you.  A while back I bought the complete Leave it to Beaver set.  As I was removing one of the disks from the album, it cracked.  I emailed custormer service and a few days later received a standard reply that they couldn't do anything for me.  I have since learned that Shout! CS is contracted out.  I then decided to go straight to the top and sent my season 5 album with all the disks back to the president along with a check for $6 to cover costs.  I was very pleasantly surprised this morning to receive an email from Gerald Griesbaum informing me that a new set of disks was coming and that my check was being returned to me.  I can't say enough good about Shout! now.  I bought the set off of a 3rd party through Amazon so I figured I would have to deal with them..  Anyway,  do be careful when handling these disks.  They seem to be very thin and flexible.  The album they come in holds them very tightly.  Again, THANKS to Shout!

RE: This company has no concern for customer satisfaction!

I have to come back and respond to my own post. Come to find out that shout factory has a 3rd party take care of phone calls and orders, that was the problem.  I got a personal call back from the vp of marketing after i made the main company aware of my situation. WOW what a difference.  The actual shout factory company are the nicest group of people you could ask for, she was empathetic, and most of all helpful!! It just goes to show how a little concern can change a lot.  Melissa and Debbie thank you for your help and concern, i now have renewed faith in the company.

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