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In recently announced of a video in the, "base" organization second, figures Allman. Zawahiri announced, "base" organization has and Algeria a extreme organization formed "allies", both will joint power combat beauty Europe of "cross army" national "base" Organization of this North Africa "allies" is Algeria of "Salafist Group for" sent St war Organization (abbreviation "Salafist Group for") "Salafist Group for" originally just Algeria territory of a support anti-Government armed. The Washington Post reporter Craig. Whitlock wrote that engaged in domestic power to accept "base" Organization to help, the "Salafist Group for" grass-roots organizations have spread to North Africa outside gradually becomes a threat to the world, particularly in Europe, extremist forces of 90 's of the last century, the "base" group and Algeria rebels target different, "on their own". At that time, the extremist organization, the "Salafist Group" does not deal in 1991, buy cheap fifa 14 coins Algeria religious armed "Islamic Salvation Front" agreed to lay down their arms, to participate in national elections, unexpectedly won the first round election. Fear of "Islamic Salvation Front" eventually came to Algeria Government announced suspension of elections, triggering the civil war. The civil war killed more than 100,000 people in Algeria after the outbreak of the civil war, many foreign extremists, to visit the region, including Egypt people Zawahiri and later "base" Organization of other chieftains. They approached the Algeria provide funds, personnel and supplies to the rebels, hoping to overthrow the moderate Algeria Government established extremist regime, however, external extremist forces, it is difficult to agree with Algeria the main rebel faction "Islamic militant group" approach. This organization to implement strict Islamic doctrine, Act does not strictly follow the teachings of Muslims as "traitors", punishable by death.

Residing in the Sudan, "Al-Qaeda" leader Wu Sama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden was not in favour of "Islamic militant group" this would be, that would be counterproductive to the European intelligence official pointed out that the. Osama bin Laden told Algeria sent messengers to try to persuade the "Islamic militant group" stop killing Muslims in favour of allegiance is the rise of "Al-Qaeda" organization. "Islamic militant group" rejects the. bin Laden's request in 1998, Algeria part of anti-Government armed forces had set up "Salafist Group" wants to reduce civilian casualties. This support emerging of extreme doctrine forces quickly development, soon over has "Islamic armed organization" of effects, but still difficult won overseas extreme doctrine forces of support in 2001 "9.11" terrorist attacks zhihou,Buy Fifa 14 Coins For Sale | Cheap Fifa 14 PC, PS3/ps4, XBOX 360/ONE Coins Online Algeria extreme doctrine forces and overseas similar organization of relationship occurred major shift, gradually began cooperation as United States on Afghanistan launched military combat, "base" organization activities of "stronghold" was threat, Forced to seek elsewhere, again based on France and Algeria to officials, the fall of 2001,. Osama bin Laden had sent a Yemen origin deputies to Algeria, communicating with local extremist groups. Despite reports that said the deputies in September 2002 by Algeria security services killed, his visit can still be called Algeria extremist forces to reach out as a turning point, "then, ' Salafist Group ' start going international, previously they only focus on Algeria," the France Counterintelligence Board former Director Louis. kapuliao column explains.

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